Tiny & Slim Waist Workout | Rebecca Louise


This 15-minute tiny & slim waist workout will get you a small waist and tone your core and slim down your sides! If you’ve ever asked yourself how to get a smaller waist? It’s time to engage those abs & obliques and feel the burn! Subscribe! 
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  1. Every single abs exercices just hurts so bad my back no matter the way I'm doing it. It's the case for every king of abs workout I've tried and I'm constantly crying of pain during my workouts which leads me to give up working out this part of my body. I'm sure I'm doing it the right way but it's clearly not for me 😔. I think it's due to the fact that I'm naturally arched. I'd like to know how to workout my abs without any crunches and with effectives standing exercices please 😓

  2. omg do you have any help for people like me who are too weak to push up their whole body weight? 🙁 im not overweight at all after losing almost 90 lbs but somehow (probably bc im not fit at all) im still not able to do the v-sit twists for example because there is no way my butt can handle all that weight aahhaha

  3. Rebecca I love this workout! Youre so energetic and it’s amazing to do this exercises with you! This video is perfect for me ❤️ love u and thank u for this workout! 🤩 (I’m polish 🇵🇱 so I can make mistake in my comment haha)

  4. Ok yesterday I did this, and I’m aching all over😂 (not saying it is a bad thing) I exercize 3-4 days a week and I’ve realized I haven’t worked these particular muscles before😄 Ouch. The next time will be easier💪🏻

  5. I have a problem. In all the abs workouts I have tried I get so tired in my arms that I am not able to work out properly, and I don´t get tired in the abs. Do anyone have any tips for what workout video I can use where it really burns the abs but is a little less arms?

  6. if your trying to target your waist i highly DO NOT recommend this video.. I did this and all the workout are to target your ABDOMINAL two totally different things.. Seriously should be called "Flat stomach workout" not "waist workout" disappointing.


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