Tip for healthy eating and exercising


What do you need to do to consistently eat healthy and exercise? In this video, I give a tip to help make this happen.

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  1. Hope you're doin' good man. Can you do a video on some start-up tips for those willing to start working out at the gym?Like, what sort of sets should one start off with and how much time does it take to get some bulk n' mass on. Thank you.

  2. Hey greg dont think you remember me after my last relapse i had on nofap i sorta got distracted but after the relapse i picked myself back up and accomplished over 100 days now i knew goin back and watchin your videos would soon bring me back to my feet im some what flatlining right now but ill be alright thanks for all the encouragement im still hangin in there got ways to go but im up for my next biggest challenge of making this a lifestyle change long as i keep fighting and going theres no need for me to be hard on myself but anyways congratulations on your accomplishments keep fighting brother

  3. This is soooo true. It is very important to enjoy what you do and it's the best way to mantain a good and healthy habit. Great video as always, Greg.

  4. Can you kindly please make videos about how to face female triggers as sometimes you face bad days and you see these females in public settings or at the gym wearing more tight clothes? It’s hard to deal with the images that are stuck in your brain. First and for most, the first look I don't have control over it but the second one I should never look. Second of all, by practicing and implementing good habits once can overcome these bad thoughts that follows the triggerey looking females!

  5. Hey Greg! Got my heart broken because my closest female friend friendzoned me even though she liked me at the very beginning. I've used this pain to better myself and I'm eating better. Thanks for you videos it helps! This heartbroke will forge me since I'm young (17) and I hope I'll be better later on. Keep the NoFap and Self improvement content, I love it 🙂


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