Helloooo mama’s:) Today I’m sharing with you all some toddler food ideas and meals that I love to make for Jayden. I hope you all enjoy this video and comment down below your favorite meal for your child. Love you all!!!

SNAPCHAT: mariahhleeanne
CAMERA: Canon g7x



  1. How old is your in this video? My daughter is 15 months and I feel she never wants to eat anything! She doesnt even use her hands as much as well we would have to spoon feed her. I'm a bit worried

  2. I finally found a video I could actually use! My just turned 3 and 5 and they don't eat hardly anything. But I am trying to change that before its too late! But everything I searched for seemed too hard for me to cook bc my knowledge is very limited when it comes to cooking. But I loved this video!

  3. Not so much nutrition food . A lot of starch, grains and diary products, wich kids are addicted in 2019 . And then the Aluminum foil and microwave, guys … put it both in the garbage. Metals are toxic for our body and that stupid microwave destroy all the nutrients from the food. Cute toddler 👶🏻

  4. The broccoli tots look great. Just a suggestion use scissors to cut them quickly for your boy. I’ve been using scissors ✂️ in the kitchen for a while and it’s so easy to snip instead of using a knife and fork.

  5. I like how simple and easy are your meals for your boy. I will going to try it. Hopefully my 14 month boy eat it. Lol

    I like to put my salmon in 1/2 cup of orange juice for 2 hours in the fridge before cook it. It make it soo moist that my husband became a huge fan of salmon. He used to hate it because for him was to dry! Lol

  6. Just a little tip from what I have been told is that the measuring cup you used is only used to measure liquids, if your going to measure solids use the other type. No shade just thought I'd share😁


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