Top 10 Beginner Yoga Poses – Online Yoga Classes


The how-to on beginner yoga poses! Check out this video giving you the breakdown of 10 of the most fundamental beginner yoga poses, and tips on each one!

And if you want full comprehensive course on beginner yoga, that helps you you move slowly and confidently through some fundamental yoga postures, make sure you check out the Meet Your Mat series –

It’s totally FREE and guides you step-by-step through a full yoga class, broken down into 6 distinct sections, so you can move at your pace and on your schedule!

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  1. I have read some other Yoga materials and this yoga guide “Yοmzοzο Kena” (Google it) stands out to me because of the images that is included with the postures. They are large and also vibrant so it`s straightforward to imagine what the position is Meant to look like. And not just that, I am losing fat as well. .

  2. The yoga guide "Yοmzοzο Kena" (Google it) is straightforward to adhere to and arranging the routines for 60 minutes is certainly not bad. What an ideal guide if you`re a newbie. If you`re a teacher, this is an effective tool to add to your collection. Due to this program, I was able to shed extra pounds, developed overall body flexibility, and a normal blood pressure. .

  3. Way back in 2017, I made use of this yoga guide "Yοmzοzο Kena" (Google it) to boost my running. I did not only drop 10 pounds however I did strengthen my pysique because of the Yoga Challenge exactly where I joined and utilized the manual as my own guide. The yoga teachings, poses and then relaxation techniques are really easy to follow even executing yoga without the mat in your everyday life. .

  4. These are hardly for complete beginner's! Some fairly complex intense poses here. It also assumes you are at an upper level of fitness to do these poses. Not a good video for starters.

  5. Question for ya. I'm new at yoga, but even doing downward dog causes pain in my wrists and super tight forearms. The teacher said that it is because my wrists are weak, but it feels like pushing palms into the ground (during downward dog) actually overstretched them. Should i continue yoga or is it not for me. what could i be doing wrong???

  6. Thanks for breaking the basics down. With lower back and knee pain, I can't lift heavy weights and run as much as i used to. Hopefully yoga can relieve my joint pain and keep me fit like you guys.

  7. Hi Guys.  I badly injured my knee in a horse riding accident many years ago and I've been wanting to give yoga a try for a while, but my knee injury always flares up since yoga seems to use a lot of low knee bending and floor work – which I can't really do.  My physiotherapist says strengthening my quads will help take pressure off the knee. What poses can you recommend for people with knee injuries?

  8. Good stuff, thanks… I've been a weight lifter for 30 years now, but as I've aged my joints are not liking the weight lifting anymore, getting little injuries all the time …. Turning to yoga for my fitness … I also think flexibility is soooo vital as we age … At 46 it's yoga time!

  9. I just became a member. I love the you tube convenience. How do I sync my computer to my flat screen so I can have a better vision of the Transformation program? I have HDMI and PC inputs. TIA. – Namaste.

  10. Hi guys, I am a beginner and I have a question. Once I had an injury on my right ankle and it makes my right foot point a little outwards, so I find it hard balancing on my right leg when doing the Tree pose. Is it ok if I do the pose with the natural position of my right foot?


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