New Jersey has been hit particularly hard by the opioid epidemic that has swept this nation. In 2016 1,901 people died in the state due to opioid-related causes, which represents a 42.3% increase from the previous year.

Even though there are other states that have experienced higher rates of fatal overdoses, New Jersey’s fight with opioid-related substances is particularly interesting and difficult because of its proximity to New York City, and because of the major ports that reside within the State. Access to these ports allow drug cartels and street-level dealers to operate within the state and due to the large metropolitan population, there is large customer base within the state.

Luckily, New Jersey has attempted to get ahead of the issue they are having with heroin and opioid addiction, and they boast some of the most progressive drug laws and outreach programs in the country. These laws have helped to limit the number of initial opioids that a person can be prescribed and they have also mandated that health insurance within the state must offer a certain number of days covered for substance abuse treatment.

With that said, and just like the rest of the country, New Jersey has an uphill battle ahead of them when it comes to dealing with the ramifications of the opioid epidemic and there is still a great need for quality detox programs throughout the state.

If you have found yourself in a position where you know that you need detox from heroin or opioids then hopefully the list of Top 10 Heroin Detoxes in New Jersey can help you.

Top 10 Heroin Detoxes in New Jersey

Sunrise Detox

With locations in Toms River, Stirling, and Cherry Hill, NJ, Sunrise Detox has a long-standing reputation in the treatment community that goes back decades. They offer comfortable amenities that allow you to experience detox in a safe and secure environment and their relationships with local and national treatment centers are the reason why they are number one on our list of top 10 heroin detox centers in New Jersey.

New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care

For over 40 years New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care has been servicing New Jersey communities. They are a non-profit corporation with facilities in 7 locations throughout the state, and their detox facility is located in Marlboro.

Jersey Shore Daytox

Number 3 on our list of top 10 heroin detoxes in New Jersey is Jersey Shore Daytox, located in Sea Girt. They offer medically supervised detox in a location that is only a few miles from the beautiful Jersey Shore.

Serenity at Summit

Serenity at Summit is part of Summit Behavioral Health and their detox is located in Union, NJ. They focus on holistic treatments, and their medically supervised detox facility is considered to be one of the best in the state. One of the best things about their program is that they offer residential treatment as well, so your transition from detox to long-term treatment can be easily coordinated and streamlined.

Carrier Clinic

Although many would think that the clinical setting of Carrier Clinic would keep it from being on our list of top 10 heroin detoxes in New Jersey, the program and the services offered are what really make it stand out. Although it is far cry from the more luxurious treatment centers on this list, they have been serving those in need of behavioral health assistance for over 100 years and have an outstanding reputation in the state.

Princeton House

Located in beautiful Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton House is another facility on our list of top 10 heroin detoxes in New Jersey that would not be considered upscale or luxurious. However, with that said, they have been around for a long-time and consistently rank high in patient satisfaction.

Center for Network Therapy

Located in Middlesex, New Jersey Center for Network Therapy is the first detox in the state of New Jersey licensed to provide Medically Monitored Ambulatory Detox, which is essentially a more intensive version of outpatient detox.

Recovery Centers of America- Lighthouse

Recovery Centers of America is located in Mays Landing and it is part of a larger network of treatment centers throughout the United States. They specialize in dual diagnosis programs, so if you are currently suffering from a co-existing mental health issue, their program could be a good fit for you.

Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute has been around in its current nonprofit form since 1984, but before that, it was run by the New Jersey State Department of Health. Sometimes government-run facilities or nonprofit organization get a bad rap, but Discovery Institute has consistently been ranked among the best detoxes in the state for decades now.

Sequoia Recovery

Rounding out our list of the top 10 heroin detoxes in New Jersey is Sequoia Recovery, which is a private detox facility located in West Orange. They offer great amenities and a safe and secure environment in which to experience your detox.  

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