Top 10 Workout Myths – BUSTED!! (How Many Did You Believe?)


Stop believing in workout myths and finally get your workout to work!

For as long as guys have been working out, there have been workout myths. Here are my top 10 biggest fitness and workout myths that are in dire need of being busted! In this video I’ll cover the biggest gym fallacies that meatheads and synthetically enhanced enthusiasts spew every day in fitness facilities around the world. These include:

1. You can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time (in other words, you can’t be ripped all year).

2. Crunches are a good way to get six pack abs.

3. The fastest way to lose fat is extra running or cardio.

4. Stretching before a workout is crucial to not getting injured.

5. If you’re not sweating or throwing up, you’re not working out hard enough.

6. When it comes to working out, more is better.

7. Your metabolism slows to a crawl after the age of 45, making it real hard to build muscle.

8. Your genetics determine everything regarding the way you look!

9. Use machines for muscle definition and free weights for muscle size and bulk.

10. There are shortcuts to six pack abs.

How many of these fitness and workout myths did you believe? You’re not still believing them are you? If so, it’s time to head to to clear up the confusion and start putting the science back in strength. Get your ATHLEAN-X Training system today and start training like a pro athlete.

The biggest problem with this bad workout advice is that way too many people hear it and believe it. So many people’s journey to building solid ripped muscle is undercut by the workout myths that run rampant through the gyms and on fitness forums. Believe in someone that you think should know the answer and you’ll likely be left disappointed when you look in the mirror.

Time to stop the mistruths and get yourself back on the path to consistent plateau-free results. These 10 minutes could save you a lot of heartache and disappointment with your hard workouts and effort.

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  1. Older video, still totally relevant. I really like his part on stretching. Old school thoughts were if you didn't stretch before the game then you were going to get injured. I didn't know better back then. However, the scientific studies have been done and prove he is 100% correct. Warming up and getting blood flowing to your muscles prevents injuries. With that being said, a solid and consistent stretching routine should be employed. If you have better flexibility then when you get tackled and bent outta shape on the football field you might just avoid injury if your muscles can take the torque and he stretch. Flexibility can increase your performance. Stretching before an event or workout isn't going to do much for you and the data shows that.

  2. I like your advices a lot but I hate when you say dont stretch before training, you know that some newbie could get injure cause of this advice right? In EVERY sport I did they made us stretch before.

  3. He is actually super wrong. I'm not saying that it is healthy, but there are thousands and thousands of athletes, especially distance runners, who eat whatever they want and as much as they want and still cant get weight on. There are some people who can outrun any kind of diet. Their insides will be tore up for sure. They won't get fat though.

  4. Great video. Could you write the list in the comments. I ain't got time to watch this video in between my reps, eating my bacon double cheeseburger and doing crunches.

  5. What would I do without you? Hehe. You explain everything so completely. I often use your videos to show my horsemanship clients for better explanations & what to do for them & their horse. Build horse muscle & balance with the same concepts.

  6. My list:
    1. Running is bad for your joints. (Your poor programming is what makes your joints hurt–running is a basic human function.)
    2. If a girl lifts weights, she'll get "too bulky." (Said by women who are bulky because they are overweight.)
    3. You can't burn fat and build muscle.
    4. "Steady state" (or any non-intense) cardio "burns muscle." (This is absurd and ridiculous. Lots of cardio will make your type I muscle fibers a lot stronger. If you are a huge weenie and never stimulate your type II, especially type IIx, fibers, then you won't need your type II fibers for daily living when your type I fibers are strong and so you can get smaller. Just LIFT SOME WEIGHTS, YOU WIMP and you will be STRONGER at any given size than you would be with weights alone.)
    5. HIIT is "better" than jogging. (HIIT only provides some adaptations, while a correct jogging program provides them all.)
    6. Squatting ATG isn't possible for some people because of their "biomechanics." (Every toddler squats ATG–if you can't, your mobility sucks, but that's okay because almost all Westerners have bad mobility and you can fix it pretty trivially.)
    7. "Bro splits" are for weenie bodybuilders. (Intelligent splits are smart for many–though not necessarily all–strength athletes.)
    8. You can burn as many calories with weightlifting as with cardio. (Not in a reasonable amount of time, unless you drop the weights and raise the volume to the point where your weightlifting has become cardio–your stupid watch does NOT provide an accurate calorie count for interval work, only for continuous efforts.)
    9. BFP doesn't matter as long as you're really strong. (Strongmen and powerlifters…looking at you.)
    10. Diet doesn't matter as long as you work out enough. (Mostly endurance athletes fall into this trap…"even a big mac burns if the furnace is hot enough.")


    11. You have to eat a gram of protein per pound to build muscle optimally. (It's LESS THAN a gram per pound of lean mass that might POSSIBLY be useful…which means 10% of your diet from high-quality protein will be enough.)
    12. You should eat lots of meals per day to feel fuller. (NO. You should eat at least twice a day, minimum, because there's no society that eats less than this, but every meal is a scheduled opportunity to feel hungry and overeat, and people who eat more often eat more total.)
    13. You should eat as soon as you get up and right before you go to bed. (NO. An overnight fast should never be shorter than 12 hours. Less than this upsets the anabolic/catabolic balance and is associated with poor insulin sensitivity and even higher inflammation and mortality.)
    14. Cold water therapy is good after working out. (It seems to blunt the adaptations that occur in response to exercise. Instead, HEAT therapy seems to be effective. Cold is still good for an acute injury, though.)
    15. You can only digest 30 grams of protein per meal. (No, all of your protein is going to be digested and eventually burned as calories–there's just a limit on how fast you can dump protein for muscle use, just like there's a limit to how much glucose can be taken up by the muscles for immediate use as energy within a certain period of time.)
    16. You can out-run your fork. (Not gonna do it–but also, all those nice "calories burned" numbers, even the ones that are accurate, include BMR!!!! This is a killer.)

    There is one problem with your list. It is harder–NOT IMPOSSIBLE BUT HARDER–for women to build and maintain muscle after menopause. Estrogen is an anabolic hormone, and the drop in sex hormones do lead to a decline in maximum possible lean mass. But most women are so far from that that it's just a matter of getting to where they want to be taking a bit longer.

  7. Here's one. That women like the looks of men with less than 12 % body fat. A few do but most don't, because it looks intimidating and that you've got your priorities all wrong. Women like intelligent men so it's better to just work out 3-4 times a week and read books and play an instrument instead of living at the gym.

  8. I ❤ Jeff rants!!!!! So many people out there with bad knowledge need to shut TF up and do some research. Almost everything he says, I double check and he is almost always spot on. Common if he wasnt legit would the worlds best sports teams have hired him to do strength and conditioning coaching on guys they invest millions of dollars on. Hello McFly!?!?!?! Notice how his videos he doesnt cram supplements down our throats either. He actually reall cares about this stuff. So Jeff you are an amazing person and I thank you for every video. Do you have any job openings? 🙂 I'd love to work for you brother.

  9. Spot on with debunking these fitness myths. The elaboration of the first myth however, is a bit incomplete. What you're talking about with regards to losing fat and building muscle is possible for individuals who have just started lifting weights for up to 18 months (its either 12-18 months according to the studies I've read). Once you've been lifting regularly for that much time, it is going to get rather difficult to lose fat WHILE you're building muscle. Most studies have shown that cutting fat while hanging on to muscle is far easier to do than build muscle while keeping fat levels consistent. However, unless an intermediate or experienced lifter is on steroids, it is virtually impossible to lose fat WHILE building muscle at the same time for these group of people.

  10. another myth or at least in my case is that you cant build muscle with low test mnumbers are t-3 128thyroxine free 1.25 tsh 3rd gen 1.140 testosterone 409 sex hormone binding 48.48 test free 6.3 test % free1.54 and im 52 and my muscles appear to be responding normally to workouts i put on 15 lbs muscle with this level so?????? i feel its because ive never taken caffiene i dont drink only drank as teen matbe 5 times a year neve ever put alcohol in my fridge havnt had any since age 18 i dont and have never smoked and eat a well balanced diet til last yr doc said go on low fat diet because of cholesterol level big mistake that was it made me put on a stomach fat now ive got to work that shit off and guess what triglycerides were higher now im on hi fat moderate protein no sugar corn syrup or bread and slowley getting my physic back to hell with doctors they got theyre heads up theyre asses


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