Tree Pose – Vrksasana – Yoga With Adriene


Learn the foundations of Tree Pose (Vrksasana) with Adriene! In this video we break down the details of the posture and work from the ground up and the inside out to find empowerment, strength, stability and balance. A special appearance by Blue the dog too!

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  1. I feel like this pose is difficult because either my foot is sliding down.. pants or shorts! Annnndd my foot is pressing so firmly that it kinda hurts my thigh! Is this going to go away with improved flexibility and/or strength?

  2. I have been told my other instructors how I've gotten better with my balance as well as with the ball and step. In the process of it all. I've noticed how. I'm doing tree pose more and more without any issues. When I poured me a big cup of water I had the cup in great freezer door filling up my cup and was able to slide my foot in and up to my inner thigh without any issues. I noticed the same thing tonight when talking to my tonight my arm lying on her bed and was able to do the same j had done it not thinking about it I won't do it with my shoes on but it's just usually when Im not wearing any or if I'm wearing flip-flops I'll take my foot our and will do it not even thinking about it This pose is helping make such a difference in my balance and posture and. Much easier it's become. Thank you so much for introducing this I love you for it and greatly appreciate you continuing to make such a difference in our every day life through your practices You help teach us so much and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you so much

  3. Another great tutorial. I was born with dropfoot in my right foot. Additionally, I have developed a bunion on the same foot. Together these make balancing on that foot almost impossible. Thank you for acknowledging the need for some of us to use a wall.

  4. I did this vrksasana with that kind of leg posture with one leg on the opposite side up other.
    But with both hands raised up and sticked together above my head.
    It was really nice feeling , since this was my first time .

  5. day 12/30 days of yoga brought me here. i'm beginner i wanted to learn this pose better. aaand i did it. my left foot is flat it's harder to find balance on my left foot but i did yaaay. thank you adriene love you so much

  6. I love this posture. I even do this when I'm sleeping but if course I'm laying down. I like all the tips. I really need to practice my balance and I can do this in the kitchen cooking or whenever I stand somewhere. Great tutorial. I am enjoying these foundations videos.

  7. Thank you so much for this! It’s so difficult to find absolute beginners breakdowns like this. I’ve been doing yoga off and on for years, but I’m quite heavy and get migraines. Some poses are just impossible for me because of my size and sometimes I can’t get the full pose without triggering a migraine. This is one of those poses… despite how “easy” it looks it’s one of the more challenging for me. I wish I’d known it could be modified right down to the toe on the ground. I would have been far more likely to maintain my yoga practice if I didn’t feel like I was “doing it wrong” or being slack taking a less stressful version of each pose.

    Thank you for not assuming everyone just knows the poses and has the requisite flexibility before we start. ❤️

  8. Thanks so much for your teachings as you made this soo doable, even if I had to get down to my undies to do it! Yay for being able to work out in the comfort of my home. Thank you soo very much for your teachings, namaste.

  9. Wow, I always struggled with this one but this tutorial just helped me nail it in one session! You brilliantly break down the elements needed to get to a pose.


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