Having lastly made the choice to have a DNA paternity take a look at UK, you could have issues in regards to the thoroughness of the method and the way to perceive the take a look at report.

Stories can fluctuate an amazing deal from one lab to a different. The result of the take a look at needs to be the identical regardless of which lab you utilize (so long as the lab is accredited and enjoys an excellent repute), however the data offered that will help you perceive the take a look at will be very totally different. When endeavor a paternity take a look at from DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC), we guarantee we provide you with sufficient data you can clearly perceive the report.

Not like many labs, we offer your DNA profiles in order that, with the reason, you may see for your self if DNA matches or doesn’t. Attributable to lab-certification necessities, the terminology used for DNA paternity take a look at UK outcomes should be scientific in addition to authorized, and so it may possibly seem advanced. However we’re right here to make it simpler! These are some phrases which can be generally used together with their explanations that will help you perceive your report.

  • Locus/Allele Sizes Desk
  • Mixed Paternity Index
  • Likelihood of Paternity
  • Conclusion of Outcomes
  • Mutations

Locus/ Allele Dimension Desk

The variety of genetic panels usually examined by different labs is 16. At DDC we take a look at 20 markers plus the amelogenin. The amelogenin identifies the intercourse of the person being examined, so checking the amelogenin serves as an additional safeguard for identification functions. Every profile is offered in a desk with these for the kid and father listed and in addition the mom (if she has been included in testing).


DNA paternity test UK genetic system table


If for any purpose the lab PhDs will not be happy with the power of the end result, they’ll as a matter in fact take a look at extra markers at no further value.  If the lab decides testing further markers is important, these additionally seem in your paternity take a look at report.

Each little one inherits one in all their markers from their organic father and one from their organic mom. When mismatches seem between the alleged father and the kid, the lab establishes whether it is as a result of he isn’t the organic father or if these mismatches are because of mutations. Utilizing the information on this chart and the ethnic background of take a look at individuals, the lab makes use of a statistical calculation to provide you with what is named the Mixed Paternity Index and the Likelihood of Paternity.

Mixed Paternity Index (CPI)

The Paternity Index for every marker seems on the left aspect of the report beneath the PI heading. A mathematical calculation utilizing all these PIs produces the Mixed Paternity Index, or CPI. The rarer the loci worth for the take a look at individuals’ ethnicity, the upper the PI. If a PI for a specific locus has a price of 0.00, then there’s a mismatch between the kid and the potential father at that genetic location.

The Mixed Paternity Index will be seen as a quantity on the decrease left hand aspect of the report.

The Mixed Paternity Index is the genetic odds of what number of instances extra probably it’s that the potential father is the organic father fairly than a randomly chosen and completely unrelated man with the identical ethnicity. This quantity modifications for every father and little one and also will differ between youngsters from the identical father. It’s because, except they’re equivalent twins, the youngsters shouldn’t have equivalent DNA profiles.

If the daddy is the organic father of the kid, you  see a quantity subsequent to the Mixed Paternity Index. If the daddy just isn’t the organic father, the Mixed Paternity Index is 0.

Likelihood of Paternity

The Likelihood of Paternity (proven as a share) to your DNA paternity take a look at UK is calculated from the CPI and signifies the prospect of paternity based mostly on the whole DNA take a look at outcomes.

A DNA paternity take a look at UK outcome with a 0% likelihood of paternity implies that the alleged father is excluded, or can’t be the organic father. The alleged father is confirmed to be the organic father of the examined little one if a likelihood worth of 99+% or over is achieved.

Why 100% Likelihood of Paternity is By no means Doable

Though it is extremely frequent in paternity testing to get a likelihood of 99.99%, you may by no means get 100%, and right here’s why: As a result of outcomes are based mostly on statistical calculations, it could solely be potential to get a results of 100% if we examined each male of the identical ethnicity because the organic father. Clearly, this could be not possible.


Generally, an alleged father will not have the identical quantity because the little one at one in all two loci. When this occurs, we carry out further testing to find out whether or not the alleged father is excluded or not excluded because the organic father. After further testing, if no further loci exclude the alleged father because the organic father, a PI reflecting the mutation price is listed on the report and a CPI and Likelihood of Paternity is calculated accordingly.

DNA Paternity Take a look at UK Conclusion

When coming to a conclusion, the PhD contains all points of the take a look at within the part present in paragraph kind on the backside of your report. With UK DNA paternity testing, there are solely two potential conclusions; he’s both the organic father or not the organic father. There is no such thing as a center floor.

We hope this data assists anybody to grasp their take a look at outcomes, however when you’ve got completed your DNA paternity take a look at UK with DDC and you’re not sure of something, our educated customer support group is at all times be pleased to give you further explanations of help.

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NOTE: This data is related to assessments undertaken after the kid is born. In the event you ought to want help understanding a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Take a look at report, please contact name our customer support group who might be very happy to run by your outcomes with you.



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