Unhealthy Habits That May Lead to Cancer.  By the time you finish this article you will understand that you are the only answer to cancer, which means you will hold the cure for the fear that has been downloaded into your very cells.

In this polluted, low frequency world we live in, it is not difficult to see why our bodies accumulate chemicals and other toxins, known as carcinogens. These accumulated carcinogens can lead to free-radical damage to our DNA and trigger mutations in the cells, which turn cancer on.

Research has shown that cancer cells develop in every human being. But because of the body’s built-in natural defense system which consists of an immune surveillance system, a repair mechanism and other regulatory mechanisms; cancer cells in a healthy body are identified and destroyed before they become tumors. As long as this natural defense system is functioning properly, the body is able to protect itself from cancer.

In all cancer patients, the body’s natural defense system is functioning poorly or not at all. In turn, when a cancer cell is present, it is not recognized or destroyed, allowing the cancer to go unchecked. This is why we must be trained on how to manage our body’s natural defense system with correct detoxification methods and whole plant based nutrition.

At night when you sleep your body enters into the rest, repair and restore phase. When your body and mind are in shut down mode, all excess energy is sent to the major part of your immune system, that being the friendly, otherwise, good bacteria in your large intestine. When your good bacteria are on guard and are in attack mode they are ready to devour vast quantities of parasitical microbes such as bad bacteria, fungus and yeasts within your intestines – that is, as long as you have not eaten before bed.

If you do eat before going to bed and your choice was refined carbs or sugar then you have just been outsmarted by the fungus that lives within your large intestine. With food in your digestive tract, the vital energy that was needed to devour parasitical invaders has now been diverted to digest the food you just ate. Of all the parasitical invaders your good, friendly bacteria’s favorite food is the yeast or fungus known as Candida Albicans. These fungi are like vampires and will drain you of your life force if your defenses are down.

As night comes closer most people are tired and exhausted, which affects the immune system, causing it to weaken. The fungus will use this opportunity of weakness to multiply causing you to crave sugar, refined carbs, chocolate, wine, beer and hard liquor. The one glass of wine that you have everyday to unwind is unwinding your immune system as well, tying your body into knots (internal scar tissue formation) – and you thought you were in charge! When you feed your cravings, you are actually feeding the fungus within you, which are the addicts that actually control you.

It has been shown that people with higher blood sugar levels have a higher risk of developing cancer (fungus factory) and have a lesser chance of surviving this disease (low oxygen, low nutrient environment).

Those living unconsciously fall for the false unhealthy cravings caused by the fungus that now reside mainly within the large intestine. Fungus needs these addictive, low frequency foods so that they can thrive and populate. If these parasites can successfully trick you to eat unhealthy, addictive foods prior to bedtime (or anytime) then the energy needed for your friendly bacteria to rest, repair, restore and devour fungus will now be redirected to digest the food you just snacked on.

You have just weakened the major part of your immune system (large intestine) and strengthened the foothold of these life-sucking worms, bad bacteria and fungus. Your good bacteria are your body’s major line of defense. So whether they become good or bad bacteria, solely depends on the choices you make daily.

With this new information you will move forward with courage and have faith in knowing that only you can master your health and well-being. Knowledge is power, heal yourself and rise to your full potential. If you would like to truly become the master of your own health, we recommend booking a Nutritional Consultation where Dr. Wolfe will put together a personalized plan built just for you!

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