During my time as a writer for academic writing services that specialize in providing homework for you  and for many students around the world, I wrote dozens of theses and other academic papers on the health benefits of stinging nettle. Most people have probably heard about this plant. And many of them have probably felt it as well. By its scientific name Urtica Dioica, the stinging nettle is capable of inflicting quite a bit of pain upon those who touch it. At first glance, you may consider it a weed that can’t possibly be of any real value. Yet you will be amazed by the fact that this seemingly unimpressive little plant is capable of providing countless health benefits to those bold enough to use it. Don’t worry; it will not sting anymore after it is cooked. Also, it is available in tablet, tea and tincture form as well.

Nettle: Short Description and Interesting Facts

Urtica Dioica, commonly known as the stinging nettle, can be found almost anywhere in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. It grows in forests, on grassland and even on the side of the road. This is a very versatile little plant indeed. The leaves are renowned for their ability to inflict pain upon those who mistakenly touch them. It is a self-defense mechanism of the plant. The “venom” is protecting the plant, but as soon as it is neutralized, you can take advantage of its many health benefits.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle

A relatively small plant (rarely growing more than five feet in height), the stinging nettle is overlooked by many dieticians and healthy lifestyle advocates. Here are some of the most important health benefits of the stinging nettle:

·       It is able to detoxify the body. The enzymes and compounds extracted from nettle will gently remove toxins from your body. It also has diuretic properties, which ensure that the toxins are eliminated quickly and painlessly.

·       Two other very important health benefits of stinging nettle are its ability to strengthen bones and to act as an anti-inflammatory. It contains boron, which has been shown to have the ability to preserve calcium in human bones. Various studies have shown that nettle can effectively cure gout  and even significantly alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

·       Significantly improves circulation. Because stinging nettle contains high amounts of iron and vitamin C, it is perfect for stimulating the production of red blood cells. The compounds in the plant are able to speed up the production of hemoglobin.

·       Because it promotes red blood cell production, stinging nettle is recommended for wound recovery. It is also recommended for people suffering for anemia or chronic fatigue.

·       If you are battling kidney stones, know that stinging nettle is capable of preventing these from forming in your kidneys. And because it is a diuretic, the plant helps your body eliminate all the toxins in your body before they can cause any damage. It also has nephritic properties, which means it can break up kidney stones so that you can eliminate them without having to undergo surgery.

·       If you are having respiratory problems, nettle can help you treat various conditions such as asthma, hay fever and even various allergies. In addition, it is great at protecting your heart because it is able to lower systolic blood pressure and relive stress placed on you cardiovascular system.

So, How Do You Take Advantage of All These Health Benefits?

Taking advantage of all the health benefits of the stinging nettle plant is not at all difficult nowadays. Of course, the best way to suck all the benefits from the plant is to cook it. Remember that cooking the nettle gets rid of its sting. And it tastes great as well. You can find hundreds of various recipes online on how to cook this stingy little plant. If you prefer to take a concentrated form of nettle, you can buy tablets, tinctures, extracts, and even capsules. The oils and nutrients from the plant are extracted through various chemical and mechanical processes so you can take advantage of the plant’s health benefits simply by taking three capsules per day. And if you like tea, there is also nettle tea available.

Stinging Nettle: The Plant Your Health Will Thank You For

Due to the incredible amount of health benefits presented by this plant, there is absolutely no reason for you not to include it in your healthy diet. You may not like to harvest it and then cook it. We agree – it really stings! In this case, try some nettle tablets, capsules, tinctures, or even some nettle tea. You will receive all the health benefits and it will not cost you a fortune. The fact that the herb grows just about anywhere means that there is never a short supply of it, which in turn means that stinging nettle supplements are relatively cheap.

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