Altenheim nursing home June 2018

That’s joy on my face. Walking brings joy to my face. I did 125 feet today. Another goal met was to begin giving myself the Arixtra blood thinner shot, which I take once daily.

Next week we will work on stamina issues. I’ll begin learning to balance myself climbing the stairs. I’m going to need to practice the stairs because when I leave here I’m going to stay with friends who have a room for me upstairs. I won’t brave them alone. Hopefully nursing staff will be in place so that CNA’s can assist with getting up and down. Yup, the stairs are a bit worrying but I’ve got a bit to figure it out. I may scoot on my bum while on the stairs. We’ll see. The good news is, even though I don’t yet have an apartment, I do have a safe, clean place to stay.

I’m working on getting my birth certificate so I can qualify for an apartment I checked into. Since I changed my name a bit ago I have a few extra steps to take, however, I’m hopeful I’ll get it submitted to the complex in time. There’s also a possibility that I could go back to the complex I lived in before all this happened. If I don’t get the ‘wheelchair apartment’ then I will call and ask the old landlord to kindly rent to me again. Thank goodness I left on good terms. I even got all my deposit back except for a $50 cleaning fee.

Soo, I’m walking further each day and I now have a place to lay my head. This is a huge load off.

I’ve been saving money like mad so that when I move I can do so on my own two feet and not burden anyone with my financial need.

Speaking of needs, this coming Friday I’ll be headed to Walmart to purchase a few necessities. I haven’t been out shopping in forever. I have to buy a shoe. And since my foot is swollen it looks like I’ll need to buy shoes larger than normal. I’m a bit irritated that I have to buy 2 shoes when I only need one. It makes me want to sell the other in my Etsy shop as amputation supplies. Lol! Anybody need the right shoe only. Lol!



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