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Today’s class is a vinyasa flow with Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga. We’ve known each other for years and we decided to do a couple of classes together. Be sure to like it and leave a comment to let me know if you’d like us to do more videos together. Don’t forget to subscribe!!

This is a great well rounded Vinyasa Flow class with just the right amount on everything.

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Hope you enjoy the Vinyasa Flow with Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga.




  1. Wanted to let you know how much your channel has helped me. I found yoga through you when I needed it most and it has guided me through so much. Thank you tons Tim Senesi!
    Lots of love and warm hugs,

  2. hello i m from india n i like ur videos sir I like ur yoga videos..CN u tell me is it sufficient duration of yoga that u upload around 20 min ??? n also tell plss is it necessary or any other benefits of yoga should be done in morning n evening also


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