Visit These Places to See the Best of Spring Blooms

Visit These Places to See the Best of Spring Blooms

In the fall, people come to the Northeastern US from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the changing leaves. It’s a phenomenon that many people recognize to be one of the most beautiful times of year in America, but there’s another time of year that offers similarly spectacular views—the spring.

Check out any of these places to catch a glimpse of the season’s best blooms before they’re gone!

Lancaster, California

Though the Golden State has run a little dry in recent years, this past year has brought a change with much more rain. This means the state’s Antelope Valley (2 hours outside of LA) will bloom spectacularly with bright orange poppies this season. The rolling hills will be awash with these gorgeous flowers through April.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Smoky Mountains welcomes thousands of visitors each year as America’s most popular national park, but the spring is a particularly exciting time as hundreds of species of flowers and wildlife awaken. The park stretches through parts of North Carolina and Tennessee, and also offers plenty of hiking and biking trails to see the flowers from the heart of the forest.

Alpine Loop, Colorado

The Alpine Loop Scenic Byway—a 65-mile drive through the Colorado wilderness—offers some of the state’s most incredible views any time of year, but is truly a must-see in spring. The landscape has very few trees but thousands of acres of vibrant flowers pressed against towering mountains and hills.

Skagit Valley, Washington

Each year, the Skagit Valley in Washington hosts its own Tulip Festival, bringing thousands to witness row after row of beautiful, differently colored tulips. The flower grows so well in this part of the country because of its climate, which mimics that of the Netherlands (which is also famous for its tulips).

Brenham, Texas

Texas is known for its Bluebonnets, which can be admired from the 80-mile Bluebonnet Trail that runs between Houston and Austin in the southeastern part of the state. There are plenty of other wildflowers to see along the way, but none as amazing as the bright violet hue of the Bluebonnets.

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