Wake Up With Me Workout – Best Morning Workout


When you’re not so ready to get out of bed yet, try this breezy Pilates routine to wake your muscles up. It’s stretchy, it’s graceful and it’s easy on your body. When you’re done, you”ll be ready to conquer your day!

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  1. Hi, i really want to return to the excercises after i had a busted vein in my arm, and then missed afew months 😢just wondered if this vid is a great place to restart my journey with blogilates? Thanks 🌸

  2. If there's anything I've learned from Blogilates, it's that no matter how easy it feels now, in a few minutes you're going to want to die and instantly collapse once it's over

  3. I love love love this video! You really put together fun, un-intimidating moves that are perfect for just waking up. Could you make a few more morning routines? I don't like to do just static stuff from waking up and being so stiff, so these are so nice to wake up and do. It'd be nice to have a few more routines to choose from! It's weird but having a video to follow instead of doing it all on my own really helps.

  4. I did it before sleep & now when I woke up ! Omg it was kinda hard I did half of it but still feeling great!!! Hopeful my stamina improve so I do it fully♡ love u

  5. Hi I am back here after 2 years. My therapist told me to do more workouts, I remembered you. And how your positive energy really effected me. I love you so much. You are a wonderful creature. Thank you for those precious videos!!!! I cant express my gratitude enough but I am deeply grateful to you♥️🙏🏻

  6. So I’m a person who often feels really guilty when I miss a workout. Yesterday (Thursday) I got up in the morning to workout, but I just wanted to go back to sleep. The really intense videos for yesterday’s calendar was something that I just didn’t want to do. So I felt really guilty about it yesterday and didn’t end up doing it. My life has been so busy with finals and competitions, and that added guilt made me feel miserable. So I told myself yesterday, “Friday. Friday, tomorrow, you are going to do these intense videos.” So this morning, I woke up. But I just didn’t want to do them, once again. I think I didn’t want to do them because I was so stressed. I felt guilty. But I knew I had to do something. So I did this wake up workout, and a de-stressing stretch workout. And I feel really good. I wish I wasn’t in such a stressful position in life right now, because then maybe I could’ve done those intense videos. But sometimes, when your body and mind is working hard, you just need to slow down, breath, and tell yourself it’s okay. I did that this morning, and I’ve never felt calmer 💜

  7. Was trying to figure out where you'd read this first and I figured it would be under one of the stretch workouts. Every one says it's the day of rest. So thats why I make it my rest day on the calendar but we struck by some of the hurricane going around the Carolinas Our power was out all day but we are ok just lots of rains and wind. but we were going to spend the night at a friend's house. I prefer my three pillows and comforter.and trying to figure out what to do cause I'm real funny about sleeping over at people's houses already and.sone friends had txt from over beside our house saying it's back on I spread my comforter. over in the room next to the TV room I was trying to crawl around as a sign of triumph but that's what I struggle with the most. I was born with a muscle disorder and struggle with keeping the stabilizer muscles in my legs and hips strong I remembered what you said though about you either fail or you give it your all I was willing to try but I kept finding mayself struggling and flopping down it's weird. I know but I was wondering if you could possibly make a video that can help target those areas in your lower body it would be a big help and I'd greatly appreciate it


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