Walk At Home: Walk 15 | 1 Mile Walking Exercise


INTRODUCING our BRAND NEW Video Series: Walk 15! This series of Miles celebrates our Certified Walk 15 Leaders all over the world! Women and Men LEAD our popular Walking Workout in Church Halls, Schools, at Work…everywhere people gather! Have FUN Walking this Walk everybody!

***This is a promotional run on the video, as it will soon removed from YouTube and made available exclusively through our Daily Walk app in March. Try the app for 1 month free! yourdailywalk.com***

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Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home
Walk at home workout
Walking workout
Walking workouts

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  1. What a joy to see so many happy people,all shapes and sizes enjoying a workout together. This is humanity! United together,one goal,to get fit and healthy and loose weight. You have my support👍🏾

  2. Thanks for this video. I'm trying to lose weight but gyms can be intimidating as everyone looks at everyone else and I walk the dog, cycle and swim but it's not enough. So things like this I can fit into after work and can do in full privacy. Thanks

  3. I'm borderline high glucose and 7 months pregnant; this is what I use to keep my blood sugar in check. Every once in a while I have a craving that shoots my number up to 154 and after doing this exact video I was able to pull my number down to 97, so yeah it works!

  4. Leslie look awesome! This is the same work out I used to do w her video over 15 years ago but the energy is higher. Going to re start with these, w severe asthma this is the perfect low impact workout that I had results with before

  5. Leslie, your video make me feel that workout is so much fun to do.I love doing workout now coz ur videos really inspired me a lot.I am struggling to lose weight coz I wanna look good on my niece's wedding in November.Im so lucky that I have found your walking exercise channel. I started in February.And its been almost 3months now and Im losing 4kg.After seeing progress by following all ur steps on that video of 20mins walking and 1mile walking, I keep doing it and continue doing it till I have reached my goals.Thank you so much


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