With the rapid pace of life we are facing today, stress too has embraced us wholeheartedly with all the negative effects, ruining both physical and mental well-being. Running behind the competitive world through the workplace pressure has turned us into mere machines and, we too, have submitted ourselves to the shackles of anxiety and worries which grip us for the whole day. Work has become a source of stress in our lives and we have almost forgotten to take deep breaths, looking up to life with peacefulness. According to a 2007 national poll by the American Psychological Association, 75% of the Americans have made work the biggest reason behind their stressful lives, giving way to depression and mental turmoil, ruining relationships and professional lives. There are a lot of leading stress management courses, available online and offline, but before getting enrolled into one of them, we must first study ourselves and use few techniques to edge off anxiety and stress out from our lives!

We will help you with few everyday tips which can be followed to diminish work life stress on weekdays:

1.Unwind Yourself While Driving

It is important to keep things relaxed since the beginning of your office journey. This begins with driving off to office when your stress levels keep going higher. Hence to diminish this, you need to loosen yourself while you concentrate on the steering wheel , lowering your tensed shoulders and tummy to get yourself a relaxed and slackened position.

2. Drive Peacefully

Keep all the incoming thoughts away and drive carefully. Remember, your brain can instigate you drive rashly and you need to control this. Keep the car in the right lane and travel at the most limited speed level. Instead of rushing, go for a smooth and peaceful drive to calm things down.

3. Rest Your Mind Before You Enter Office

Now once you have reached office, it is time to park the car. While you have parked, do not hurry and run to the main door, rather keep yourself seated inside the car for a while to align yourself with the works of the day, so that you do not mix up things, ending up into a mess.

4. Monitor The Earning Signs

While you finally go for work, you need to monitor the warning signs of stress and anxiety and be conscious of what is happening in your sub-conscious mind. This way, put constant effort to keep things at a place and letting go off the worries.

5. Go For Little Walks

When you feel puzzled with the work load, get yourself mini five minutes breaks every few hours .Instead of doing nothing or getting hooked to the cell phone, take brisk walks and de-stress yourself.

6. Don’t Stick To Same Lunch Locations

Do not regularly take your food at the office canteen, rather enjoy your meal and cherish it by exploring new places and relishing the sumptuous stuffs.

7. End Work Positively

When the day has finished, you need to acknowledge and congratulate yourself for all the mental and work related accomplishments you have gone through all day long.

8. Deep Breathes

Reach home to take deep breathes before going into other activities with family and friends.

If these tips don’t work, go for any of the stress management classes online amidst your busy schedules and seek professional help to get the best results.

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