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Obesity: Nowadays, obesity is considered to be a disease. Due to obesity, some non-communicable diseases occur. To keep yourself safe from obesity you must consult with a nutritionist and maintain a proper diet plan.
How to lose weight?
To keep your body fit, you have to lose extra weight by proper diet plan. Don’t delay to consult a dietitian. You must keep your body fit at any cost. Remember that prevention is better than cure. If you can not make a sufficient weight loss you can be sure that you are going to suffer from a number of diseases.
People all over the world are very concern about weight loss. They don’t do any compromise about it. Again, they are very aware of obesity. They all know that obesity is a great problem. So, now people come to nutritionists like us to consult. We also give them important advice to lose weight. We think that the present world is very aware of this problem. Many people do not have the right conception about diet. Many of them think that diet means starving. but it’s not true. Diet doesn’t mean that you will pass the day without having food. Rather diet means having proper food timely. If anyone has food with the stress he/she can not lose weight. Stress also causes overweight or obesity.
Diet Consultancy: Nutritionist Aysha Siddika is one of the most experienced Dietitian in Bangladesh. More than 14-years-experience has made her the most popular nutritionist in Bangladesh. She is very caring to her patients and clients. Proper counselling is a must to make a patient motivated and Nutritionist Aysha Siddika is doing a great job at this point. So, you are invited to have a good experience with Nutritionist Aysha Siddika in his chamber. Make an appointment and be sure about the solution of your weight related any kind of problem.
Diet Catering Service: Sometimes, patients face difficulties to maintain the diet formula given by a dietitian. Most of the time it happens as he/she is the only person in the family who has to maintain separate diet formula. In this situation, preparing the different food for an individual is really a tough job. Easy Diet Bd has solved the problem by its Diet Catering Service. Yes, now we make the food according to nutritionist Diet menu and make home delivery for our clients. So, now your weight loss program is 100% hustle free.

Disease Based Food Catering Service: It’s a very good initiative by Easy Diet Bd for the first time in Bangladesh. Imagine that there is a severe patient in your family member. He/she has to take different food instructed by doctor. But you don’t have arrangement to make the food. This kind of problem is very common in our country. In the developed country disease based food catering service is available. But in Bangladesh this is very rare. That’s why Easy Diet Bd has taken this great initiative. Believe it or not now you will get the disease based food at your door step by our delivery man according to the doctor or dietitian’s instruction. So, contact us to have a great experience.
School Canteen Service: Today’s children are tomorrow’s parents. So, we should be aware of them. Normally, almost all parents are careful about their children and arrange healthy food inside the home. But the time period while they stay in their educational institution, they are at a risk to have junk or unhealthy food. So, Easy Diet Bd has taken this initiative to set up healthy canteen inside the school campus. If you are a principal or headmaster or any teacher, you can choose us to manage your school canteen. And If you are conscious guardian, you can suggest the authorities of your child’s institute to give us a chance to manage school canteen

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