Weight Loss Week 4 Keto Diet


Guys and Gals, this is week 4 of my keto diet weight loss journey. Ill show you what I eat in a week and how much weight I loose in week 4. Hope y”all enjoyed the video and hope to see you in the next one. If your new be sure to check out a few more videos and if you like what you see, hit that subscribe button. Y’all have a good one and remember, Everyone has a little Backwoods in’em.
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  1. You're doing great! I lost a lot of weight last year doing keto. I'm still doing it but I'm at a weight I like now so I don't have to think about it as much. I "only" lost 10 lbs per month. Slowly but surely it happened.

  2. Hey Spicy! My week two result is I lost 3 pounds. Started at 216 went to 208 after week one and 205 after week two. Gonna keep pushing on to my goal weight of 195. Good job!!

  3. Got to watch those take with food meds! Some will really rip you a new one! I know from experience what you felt and don't always take with food!! After all we are men, right?!!

  4. Looking good Spicy! Keep it going, it's worth it. Once you get fat adapted, dial it back on how much fat you are eating. That first few weeks is a bunch of water weight. Intermittent fasting is what really kicks you into fat burning mode. I have a eating window from noon to 6 everyday. Energy level is through the roof 24 hours a day lol. This is a great journey your on brother.

  5. Do you feel this is a plan you can follow for life? I don’t understand keto but it seems high in fat. I did freestyle on Weight Watchers and loved it and I’m maintaining.

  6. I'm catching up on videos today & low & behold – you've lost 18 lbs!! WooHoo! So proud of you. The video was great because you showed so many meal options that I actually like! Keep up the good work!

  7. WOW I cant keep meat in this house either. Veggies never leave but meat its gone fast LOL. I guess we are all meat eaters. Congrates on the will power to keep going on the diet. Your a lot stronger than me by far.


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