We live in fascinating times. The world at large, as well as the scientific community, are in the process of an unprecedented awakening that we see as an inherent part of human destiny over the last few millennia.

This awakening is empowered by our very investigations into the nature of consciousness, and into the metaphysics underlying the mysterious workings of quantum physics.

This investigation into the fundamental nature of reality is directly relevant to us all, ultimately leading to far more meaning and purpose to our existence. We have much greater power over our lives, and over the emerging consensus reality, than we have previously been led to believe.

Our modern world often puts science and spirituality at two ends of a spectrum. In this complimentary 33-day course, we bring them together as a companion to the book, Living in a Mindful Universe. The course serves as a sneak preview, including bite-sized nuggets of complex topics.

Personally, I find it most satisfying that Day 1 of the course begins on my father’s birthday. Although he passed from this world in 2004, four years before my coma, he has had a profound influence on my ongoing journey – it is fitting that this 33-day course launches on the anniversary of his birth.

Receive a new lesson each day along with daily practices and access to unlimited streaming of four Sacred Acoustics recordings, all completely free—no soul left behind!

Sign up today and begin Your 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness.

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