Wendy Discovered Her Inner Artist

wendy abstract
wendy California beach scene

Pictured – Left: Abstract, Right: California Beach Scene

Art therapy has changed Wendy’s life immensely since she found the Art Therapy Studio in 2014. Not only has she discovered the talented artist within herself, but she has seen improvements in her life including increased confidence, improvement in her fine motor skills, and decreased anxiety, depression and stress.

Wendy started coming to the Art Therapy Studio in 2014 after she retired from a career as a preschool teacher. It was hard for her to find the courage to try art therapy because of anxiety and because she has had negative experiences associated with creating art in her past. Her mother pushed her to give art therapy a chance, and since then she has seen positive changes in herself.

When Wendy started attending classes in the Discover the Artist Within You program (DTA) she quickly realized that the focus in art therapy is on the process of making art rather than creating a perfect final product. In DTA there is no “right” way to create art and everyone’s differences are valued. Because of the environment at the Art Therapy Studio participants are able to forget about their challenges and instead focus on their strengths.

Wendy has enjoyed getting to know other artists in the DTA program and now she looks forward to socializing with her peers. She appreciates that everyone comes to the Art Therapy Studio with their own challenges and that she and her peers can relate to one another. While she enjoys creating art and she is very proud of how far she has come as an artist, she looks forward to the entire experience of DTA. She enjoys the art making, stress relief, socializing, helping her peers, and fostering the friendships that she has developed. She also creates art at home and finds the same benefits that she does in the classroom.

Art therapy has helped Wendy outside of the studio in her everyday life as well. With her newfound confidence she is comfortable volunteering for different causes and helping customers in her mother’s resale boutique. Her only regret is that she didn’t find art therapy sooner in her life.


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