What Happens When Bodybuilders Retire?


#Bodybuilding #Transformation
In this video we discuss the changes to a bodybuilder’s physique after they retire.
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  1. abusing a donated kidney you were lucky enough to have transplanted into you is not just stupid it's selfish and ungrateful. Other people literally die waiting for a suitable kidney so when you get one you get it over other people who will die because they didn't get it. For you to abuse that literal gift makes you an asshole.

  2. They get skinny af. Dorian yates is like 170lbs natural. but was 267 at competition, 305 offseason. But roids and hgh do nothing is what most people on say. Sure it takes some hard work and attention to detail to add the symmetry, the look, but anyone can put on tons of muscle with even average effort on gear.

  3. Yea Jay Cutler didn't have an injury or kidney failure..etc to force him into retirement. It was Palumboism and the fact that he was placing low. Currently He is maintaining a LOW juicing dose to keep from going totally flat.
    But he did what he had to do to compete. It takes balls to damage your body for money….kudos to him.

  4. I have seen Mustafa Mohammad; he's Jordanian. Wasn't too big when I saw him but I agree 100%, his conditioning let him down. Although it's not clear, how much size does one have to give up in order to be well conditioned. The trade-off can be too great; especially when size is the main criteria when judges are looking into it.

  5. As for Dillet, I guess you can say dehydration..LOL!! It was extreme durietic use that caused it. Not cutting back on fluids to get ripped. I believe the IFBB tried to ban or curtail the use of that drug,, because guys were literally freezing up stage and had to be carried off. Dopes!!


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