Hi gorgeous babes welcome back or welcome if you’re new here!😽💕 today I’m sharing what I eat in a day when I’m trying to lose weight for summer. These are all super simple easy fast and healthy ish meals that taste super yummy. I realized after editing that I didn’t get many micronutrients in so don’t be like me and eat your veggies lol. Don’t forget to like this video it really helps out our channel and leave a comment on what else you wanna see. Love you guys xoxo💋

BANG energy drinks (all these flavors are bomb)

ONE bars

Quest Bars (to die for)

Camera I use

Yummy amino energy powder (good if you don’t care for actual preworkout)

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  1. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 little angels . & I love cooking the best meals for them every single day 💕 I swear they eat good & I wouldn’t have it any other way ! But with that being said it makes it so hard to follow a super healthy diet 😫 lol I would love if you 2 twins would make some sort of 30 day challenge or if Abby would make a video w/ her lil angel and do what I eat in a day – with a Toddler lol . I hope I got my point across anyways 💓💗💕

  2. Have you tried the Quest Nacho Cheese protein chips? 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤I like them better than Doritos lol plus I feel really hot after I eat them so they definitely rev the metabolism

  3. I simply had good results with Eat Stop Eat. On the account of its actual simplicity of use it happens to be not like any other eating plan I've tried using before.It can be so much more than a diet program or eating plan, it totally changed my outlook on nutrition permanently.I noticed it remarkably easy to follow along and it was very handy that I was able to use it on my laptop or computer, smartphone or perhaps tablet. The electronic-book format can make it super easy not to mention quick to reference everything. Continue reading here: https://tinyurl.com/yb8rc3hy

  4. I love that you posted meals that are actually affordable and don’t take many ingredients.
    I personally, am on the road 10 hours a day without having a microwave or fridge(unless I have my 6 pack bag). Being in law enforcement I need to eat quickly and on the go (sometimes in my car), but I need meals that are fueling and healthy. With that being said, can you post meals that would be best for my lifestyle. Thanks so much!!

  5. More easy what I eat in a day and also you girls should do like a spring/summer try on haul. Like what typical outfits you girls wear in a week in summer if that makes sense lol.

  6. 🌹Love ThiS VideO as always🌹
    👅Sexy Ass thumbnail tho👅
    😚Your Beautiful sexy selF😚
    😻Makeup stay On Point😍
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