What You Need to Know about Spirulina

What You Need to Know about Spirulina

What You Need to Know about Spirulina

You may have researched a little bit about spirulina and the health benefits it can bring
to you. What you may not know are the basics about the superfood. Before you jump in
and just go with the manufacturer notes and directions of the form of spirulina you are
using there are a few things you should know.

Forms of Spirulina

There are several forms of spirulina that you can use in your daily superfood routine. The most common and easiest to use is the powder form. Since a serving size of the superfood is 3 grams, it is easier to measure out than some other options. There are also liquid drops available in various amounts and purity levels. The third form of spirulina is a superfood powder. This is usually a powder that has several superfoods and spirulina is included in those. You can also find spirulina in capsule form, but keep in mind you may need to take several capsules at several points during the day and them may also contain more than just the spirulina.

Additional Minerals and Vitamins

You need to know that most spirulina powders and spirulina liquids also contain other minerals and vitamins as a natural part of the blue-green algae itself. This may not seem like something to be concerned with or aware of, but it is. For example, if you have a severe iron deficiency then the iron in spirulina can help greatly. If you need more Vitamin A in your diet, again spirulina can help with that. This means that you may not need additional supplements for this and the spirulina may be able to replace those supplements.

Routine Intake

Though some manufacturers of spirulina powder will tell you to take the superfood daily,
this could lead to some side effects. These side effects can include constipation from an overload of iron into the system, as well as other issues. Though when you hear the word routine, you may think of daily, a routine for spirulina and other superfoods may mean a large dose or regular dose three times a week and smaller doses of other superfoods on the other days. The key is to remember that routine intake is not the same for everyone and you should listen to your body and change your routine of spirulina intake accordingly.

By keeping these points about spirulina in mind, you can make the ideal choices for use and a routine with the superfood. You can also determine if there are other superfoods you need to use in a joint effort with the spirulina to meet your goals.


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