When A Bodybuilder Physique Knows Martial Arts?


Bodybuilders are thought to be inefficient in the world of martial arts, but when happens when you teach a body builder martial arts? Thank you for joining me as we explore this question with Alain Ngalani.

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  1. This is my favorite fight channel and I will smash that like button every time just please keep smashing out those videos.
    May the good karma be with you always.
    Peace brother.

  2. Muscular people aren't bad at martial arts because they're muscular. They're bad at martial arts because they don't practice martial arts. People connect dots that aren't there. Sure, I would agree today's professional bodybuilders are probably large enough that it would interfere with martial arts, but in the vast majority of cases, being muscular does not make you worse at fighting. Lifting weights instead of practicing martial arts though, definitely. I was once 120 pounds, and a decent martial artist. I slowly worked my weight up to 185 and I was just as good, if not better, as a martial artist. That is at a height of 5'6". To say someone's physique would make them a poor fighter is to say that fighting comes down to your muscle, which it doesn't. It's a skill just like playing a guitar is a skill, and is a game of tactics and strategy much like pool can be. That shit has zero to do with the physique. The physique is just the engine that supports it all. And martial arts is the only physical realm where people still think being muscular is bad. No one looks at any other sport or physical task and thinks "man, if only he were less strong and muscular!"…The martial arts world has lagged behind as far as sports training knowledge, compared to things like football and track. It's because of this old-school muscle is bad myth. In the extreme, yes, sure….but 99% of people will never get so muscular that it's a problem for fighting ability.

  3. Biceps prevents striking?? Please… I don't believe in this myth.. it's like fighters saying that being muscular impairs cardio. Old wives tale as well. It's called stretching and training cardio for which will preserve flexibility , speed and agility. The more you throw kicks and punches the looser you'll become and added muscle will equal knocking power

  4. Many uses of big words as if you have an educational background in all the fancy words you were using. I have a background in sports and exercise science, Kinesiology and Physical Therapy. All those fancy words are taught in those degree fields. It seems you were just throwing those words out to sound fancy but really was not addressing anything with them. Make the points more direct. Yes there is a common debate to if muscle mass impedes in a martial arrests ability to punch and kick, simply it makes them slow. Actually I can put it to rest here to the answer. It does not make them slow. Some may say, though they know someone very muscular and they are slow. Yes that can be true, they may be very slow. Though you are also making a bad correlation to cause and effect. That is because there are also muscular people who are also fast. The difference is due to true proper training on how to punch, years experience, and mind set. If someone tenses up their whole body, opposing muscles are working against each other. The primary muscles a person is and needs to use are working against its opposite opposing muscles. Thus working as breaks like our breaks on a car to slow us down, to work against the gas when using the gas paddle to move us forward.


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