WHO BUILDS BIGGER ARMS? Arm Wrestler Vs. Bodybuilder


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  1. So Devon CAN fully stretch his arms… if you look closely. He said in an earlier vid its not possible for him to fully stretch his arm to a horizontal position,but when leaning on the bench he was at "full" stretch

  2. I literally said "you can't mention the 8 hour arm workout and not play the natty anthem" and lo and behold my boy Tom comes through in the clutch a few seconds later lmfao

  3. I used to love arm wrestling. Always a great laugh with your mates. Then one day I was there when my friends arm broke. The sound as his humerus snapped was shocking. I have not arm wrestled since. Ouch!

  4. Nice! Alternating strength curves every week helped my size gains when I used to be into it. One week work shortened end followed by a comparable mid range exercise then the next week long end of the curve with another similar mid range movement. Also prioritizing weak areas obviously like my shitty calves first on leg day helped. 😂

  5. The skinny guy's pre-workout bicep measure (flexed 13.5) is slightly smaller than my forearm (14.25"). Not gonna lie, that was an ego boost. lol Juji's biceps look a lot bigger than 18 though, I'm at ~16.5. He's pretty much goals

  6. I don't know if it's the same, but I typically work out my forearm with a dumbbell on a flat bench, curling upward and downward at the wrist.. would that basically equate to the cylinder on a press machine like that?

  7. It's interesting that Devon knows so little about proper lifts for bodybuilding, like form, range of motion, contrilling your negatives…NOT rocking etc. because his workouts are so specifically wired for arm wrestling. Juji is put off my the lack of range of motion in the excercises Devon is showing him. I just think it's interesting. Like he said, he hadn't done a hammer curl since highschool.


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