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boy with special needs playing with toy figures

Noah’s toys are having a boxing match!

As Noah get’s older it’s fun watching the types of toys change, as well as the way he plays with them. As you can see in our gift idea post, Noah really enjoys playing with toys that allow him to use his imagine. I think he could play all day with Hot Wheels, Imaginext toys, and little toy figures like the ones he’s playing with in these pictures.

I love seeing how his “little” 7 year old brain comes up with creative ways to play with his toys!

For example, we recently saw Noah sitting in the floor with several of his toy figures standing around a wooden “box” (that a puzzle goes in) that he turned into a make shift boxing / wrestling ring – at least I think that’s what he was doing. (Side note – I have no idea how he knows what a boxing ring , as I’m not sure he’s ever seen a boxing match on her tv…unless it was in something on a movie or cartoon. For real. 🙂 )

To some parents it may just look like their child playing with toys in the floor, but to me this scene means so much more. (Keep reading.)

down syndrome boy playing with toy figures

Who’s going to win?

More Alike Than Different

I think one of my favorite things about watching Noah play with his toys like this is how it’s a great reminder of how much of a “little boy” he is. How he likes to do the same things that any other kid likes to do.

Someone unfamiliar with Down syndrome may wonder if kids with Down syndrome like to play with toys, or play on the playground, or do all the activities that all little boys enjoy doing…and the answer is, “yes, they do.” It may take them a little longer to develop, or reach their milestones, than other kids, but they are still….kids. They enjoy playing, and singing, and dancing, and being accepted, and being loved, and, well…just being kids.

imaginative play developing child with down syndrome

I love watching this kid play!

Noah’s seven years old, and it’s so much fun watching all of the things he does as he gets “older.” It’s so great having a front row seat to his life as he grows up!

What sort of toys / activities does your child like to do? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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