Why Indians say Americans are doing yoga wrong


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a campaign to revitalize yoga in the land where it was born, and that starts with his soldiers who take yoga to improve mind and body control. Major Garrett reports on how some Americans say Indian yoga simply would not translate in the U.S.



  1. As an American (born and raised), I love America but I despise people who take things from other cultures without trying to study what that thing actual is and means to the culture. When I see whites of European descent pretending to be Yogi's it is quite disgusting because maybe 1% of them actually know what real Yoga is. We hate China because they steal all our technology and call it their own. Well, in America, we take other people's culture and commercialize it. With that being said, Indians and others have taken our pop culture and ways and copied it 2000x times over, so it is what it is. Get over it.

  2. I’m glad the difference between Americanized and true Indian yoga is deciphered here. The disagreement of true practice is blatant misappropriation. People who aren’t able to stay with true practice shouldn’t be teaching it.

  3. Honestly it is kind of embarrassing where yoga has gone to in the west. Its not about a juice cleanse, or about losing carbs, its about spiritual consciousness, and how to remain at peace with your inner body. Im sorry India, we let you and Buddha down 🙁

  4. U cannot borrow our culture and insult it. Take it or leave it. Not insult it, is the least u can do.
    About the teacher, first learn to respect atleast any teacher, because he teaches you at the end of it.

  5. American Yoga is a joke. American Kung fu is a joke. American logic is a joke. Pick someone's culture, ruin it and say that we fixed it. This assault is similar to the way they spread freedom to all the oil rich companies.

  6. yeah Americans have choices even when it comes to yoga, here in India my way or highway for the most part. BUT Americans can afford to pay for classes which are tailored for every fitness level. We could do that but where are the premium customers ?

  7. Americans are always looking to americanize something. Yoga is about self-discovery, join mind, body and spirit. Yoga in America is about being fit, but it does not teach you about tapping into your deeper self.

  8. Everybody seems to be an expert on Yoga lol when its actually called Yog and the worst thing is they don't even know who is Adiyogi.. bolo Jai Shiv Shankar Bhagawan Ki Jai!!!!!

  9. All of you self hating Americans on this thread ……….. please leave ok ? Ill get your train ticket across the Atlantic courtesy of Alexandria no casa Sanchez railways !

  10. Yoga is a great workout ,however is it not meant for the Anglo American . We have ballet kind of like what Yoga has become over there .There is no transfer of energy it’s BS .The Soviet Union introduced yoga to the US to break down the strong Christian values and to create the destructive hedonistic selfish pleasure seeking hippy culture .Turn off your mind don’t worry what the government is doin behind your back .

  11. So much hate from people commenting how horrible "wester yoga" is. Let me just say that if you are practicing the "original spiritual yoga" is not working for you so great because I really doubt this spiritual way or life allows you to be this judgmental. Is just a different way, different mind set.

  12. In India Yoga and Meditation are very much used for control (emotional, mental, physical). This is the old, sick Indian mind trying to escape life through "spirituality". Enlightenment as escape. Making the split between body/mind deeper (instead of healing it) so you don't feel anything and become more and more disconnected from yourself. Osho (Indian mystic) talks about this a lot. The old life-negative way to Enlightenment. India is very life negative, very negative to the body (and sex!). Try hugging an Indian. There is no warmth. Nobody "home"…

  13. Watch this https://youtu.be/zEAd2z1knwc and comment if it makes any sense or not so why?

    Remember this difference: that Yoga is not an Indian thing But it originated in India several thousand years ago. If Americans are learning from another American teacher then ask that teacher where they learned it from?
    Americans believe its madonna who started yoga in california 😀. In terms of twisting body a circus person can do better and it’s not Yoga.

    Yoga has four aspects to it like
    1. To know your body by experience and everything around you
    2. To know life is one as there is nothing like your life or my life but you can say that is your body and this my body
    3. every particle of your body is in transaction with world the cosmos and science proved it
    4. To know oneness by yourself and not believing it or science arriving at conclusion by deductions

  14. Indian yoga teachers generally are very boring. They are not creative, they know few variations of an asana. They cling to tradition, are repetitive, they just teach what they learned, no great creative personalities anymore, even Iyengar was not a great mind, clinging to minimal details which really are not so important. 40 years ago when I went for the first time to India there were hardly any Yoga teachers or schools. Indians were not interested in Yoga. Only through the interest of Westerners in Yoga now, Yoga became a big business for India. So don't complain about when westerners are transforming Yoga into something new. Even if it is a big business, it is better than nothing.
    India rediscovered Yoga through the west, especially because they see that it means MONEY.

  15. I'm very happy as a Muslim that the Indian president has gone to the roots of true yoga. It can't be watered down its a whole spiritual science and is beyond the body and just stretching, a path of self realisation. 🙏

  16. almost none of this video justifies the title you've given it.

    also, i'm an american who has never learned anything but classical indian yoga. it depends where you learn, and who teaches you. if you want real yoga, you're doing it the right way, the original way, the indian way.

  17. 1. Do it in the morning or cold weather. Preferably 4-6 am. Otherwise, it will be harmful. Hot yoga for instance at 42 degree is harmful on cellular level.

    2. It doesn't allow freedom of expression! Mathematics doesn't allow that either. Neither Science. Grow up.

    3. There's no such as American Yoga. There's Yoga and then there's wrong Yoga.


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