One important way to begin the new year is thinking about your energy. We have all these ideas of what we want, resolutions and goals but do we think about the energy we will need to attain them?
Under the Surface
The Society of Wild Women is highly focused on getting what we want in life. The new year bring with it great opportunity for change and transformation! But we also know that there’s always something under the surface, beliefs and stories we tell ourselves, keeping us in old patterns. In order to truly move forward, we have to see what’s under the surface.
See it Clearly
This simple art and writing exercise is designed to help you see what’s under the surface. To truly understand what is happening with your energy. When you make the pattern visible and conscious, then you have the choice to change any part that doesn’t serve you. It exciting to know how much power we actually have when we take the time to see!
Know it—See it—Name it
The Wild Woman process involves a three-part experiential: know it in your body, see it with your art and name it with your mind. Notice how important each aspect of knowing is for your overall ability to understand and change old patterns. (To learn more about The Society of Wild Women, click here!)
The Energy Map Exercise:
See It
Either using this tree image or drawing your own, use the root and soil area to label all the things that “fill” you up. We are thinking of ourselves as a tree that needs nourishment. The roots take in water and nutrients…what nourishes you? These activities should make you feel more filled up after you’ve done them.
In the canopy of the tree, write all the things you use your energy for. Like the leaves, these are your offerings or the things you produce. Rather than nourishing you, these activities are ways you spend your energy. They may be enjoyable to do but after doing them, you have somewhat less energy then when you started.
Name it
Looking at the picture, think of it as a real tree, be as objective as you can. Look at how much nourishment the tree pulls in and how much the tree gives away. What is the pattern here? Is the tree balanced or out of balance? How might this tree grow if the energy input and output remained this way for decades? What does the tree need more of? What does the tree need less of?
Feel it
What does it feel like in your body to have enough energy to do all the things you offer in your canopy?
When you don’t have enough energy but still have all those things to do, what does that feel like in your body?
What does it feel like to have your energy be balanced between input and output?
Really take the time to know these internal states. You might even draw a picture of how each one feels.


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