Are you craving more creativity and inspiration in your life? Would you like to be more confident? Do you know what you want from this one PRECIOUS life? Most of us are craving one or more of these things…so how do we make the change and get what we want?!
The first problem is that we are typically stuck in the day to day. Head down, just getting by. It’s impossible to see what’s missing or even more do something about it when we are stuck in the grind. In order to envision something above and beyond what we are currently in, we need to STOP what we are doing, notice what is happening and take time to vision what we want next.
If you become aware of the patterns you are stuck in and what is not working for you, then you can begin to vision. Visioning is like painting a picture, you need as many details as you can muster about what you want the future to look and feel like. It takes time and mental clarity to truly vision your future.
Moving forward and getting out of the rut is hard! To be truly prepared to face such a challenge, we all need support. We need people who believe in us and believe in our vision. We need people who help us feel our own strength and wisdom. We also need the time to focus on our vision, make plans and put them into action. A true support system will help with each of these areas.
Many people in your life may not want you to change. The norm is comfortable and when you rise to the challenge of changing your life you shake the homeostasis for everyone around you. It’s not easy…but nothing worth doing is ever easy. That’s why we have The Society of Wild Women. It’s a sisterhood of support, time for visioning and space to cultivate your truth. We gather together to challenge you and we won’t be turned off by your strength and your brilliance. If you are a nice lady ready to unleash your inner wild woman,join your sisterhood!


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