World's Oldest Bodybuilder: 104 years


The World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Manohar Aich recently passed away and I thought he would be worthy of a video.
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  1. Thank you for this video…
    He was from my hometown calcutta..
    His name is Monohar Aich.. It's pronounced aich.. Ch(china).. Not aich ch(chemical)..
    He was 2nd… 1st was Monotosh Roy (1951)..he was also from calcutta..
    Great video anyway.. Keep doing the good job 👍

  2. It's pronounced as Manohar aitsch. I've had the honour of meeting and talking to him on several occasions, mostly in the 80s and 90s. Apart from the physique, he was a very flamboyant dresser. A very popular and respected person in his home state in India.
    He was the only person in the entire world, ever, to look like that at age 90.

  3. He is the legendary Indian bodybuilder Sri Manohar Aich and he was from Kolkata. The time since he started bodybuilding, the sport was not that famous in India. He is Bengali and in Bengali language, a gym is known as 'byamagar', which means a place for exercise. In his early life he was imprisoned and in his cell, he was once discovered by the jailor twisting the jail rods with profound strength. On seeing this Herculean feat, the jailor ordered for special diet for him and it continued during his jail life. He used to lead a very humble and simple life. He could be easily placed among those few Indians who brought laurels to the nation in the international arena during the mid 20th century. Even during his last days he used to eat quite joyfully with all types of typical Bengali and Indian cuisines( Bengali non-veg cuisines are very spicy and he used to enjoy it very much). He trained innumerable youths the basics of bodybuilding during his entire life and taught them to remain clean in this particular sport. He is still the idol of many Indians and Bengalis. I salute him.


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