World's STRONGEST Best (happy) Pre Workout 2019 True or False? El Jefe Pre Workout Supplement Review


El Jefe Pre Workout at: Use Discount Code: eddie10 and save 10% OFF everything on the RUESCO website.

El Jefe by ASC Supplements Is one of The World’s STRONGEST Happy Euphoria Energy DMHA Pre Workout Supplements For 2019.

DMAA/DMHA Pre Workout Supplements can be found at: RUESCO.COM Use Discount Code: eddie10 DMAA Pre Workouts Like VENOM by Anti Hero Labs which some are saying is the worlds strongest pre workout and others Like Juggernaut Nutrition IRATE Best Tasting DMAA Pre Workout Supplement Or Even Insane Labz Psychotic for people who don’t Like DMAA pre workout supplements this pre workout doesn’t contain DMAA in it.

If you want to see if VENOM is the world’s strongest DMAA Pre Workout ever made or if Juggernaut Nutrition IRATE is the best tasting DMAA pre Workout and to see the best lowest prices for pre workout supplements like this just go to RUESCO.COM and save even more by using discount code: eddie10 .

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  1. How many are left????? And what flavors man.. I want them all haha..according to you all I want that pre to kick in for me;) rawrryyy.. How much is it ..n flavors?

    O and by the way Eddie your the shozzzzzzzzznits!!!!😎

  2. Nice review. Definitely grabbing a tub. Is there a review of the new Savage AF coming? Shit was the bomb. Feels like a DMHA/DMAA pre workout even though there is none. Might be the trailblazer until whatever is in it is eventually banned too, lol.

  3. Ed why exactly if you know of are dmha pres being pulled or going to get pulled. Is it that the fda is banning it as a dietary supp ingredient or companies r just pandering to mainstream opinion and want to take it out to avoid any conflict. If the fda isn’t mandating it then I would not take it out.

  4. Another great video brother! Now I can’t wait to try El Jefe tomorrow morning after 2 weeks out of gym and no pre. Muscle Players 4 life fuckers! jugadores musculosos!

  5. Sweet you did a YouTube supplement review video on the preworkout el jefe nice I remember when priceplow did a YouTube supplement review on that preworkout glad you did a YouTube supplement review video on it too that's awesome bro


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