Worlds Strongest Soldier VS US Biggest Soldier | Bodybuilding Workout | Bodybuilding Motivation


Bodybuilding Motivation where the worlds strongest us soldier from Diamond Ott meets the worlds biggest soldier from us army Cedric Mcmillan doing bodybuilding workouts.
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  1. Damn I know the second guy is better in a lot of ways but for looks? I'm going with the first guy. We have the same build and I'll take him as my inspiration since I wanna look beefy!!

  2. I had a friend who got too big from steroids, he couldn't even use regular utensils to eat because of restricted ROM in his arms. LOL. Had to use the wooden spoon and fork from the salad bowl.

  3. Funny how the people in here are calling the second guy small.. in no way is he small or has a small frame, he has a good amount of mass on him, and if you watch his videos alone you will judge him for who he is himself. But since this is a comparison video, the meat head makes him look small… its just that the meat head has been injecting really well. Thats all.

  4. Second guy is overall stronger. He clearly demonstrates ability to use his core and with those core muscles, he is able to shift his body weight, something steroid meat head guys cant do. Their strengths only exists within the muscles attached to their limbs… i.e. arms and legs, chest and soldiers as a seperate entity to their core abdominal region. The second guy is the kind who has also trained all body parts but knows how to use his core muscles and engage them in a way allowing him to manoeuvre and shift his weight with much more ease.

  5. I think it's more impressive to be a man in the gym without wearing a uniform. The uniform is for work. Take if off after work. The uniform is not cool, it's nothing, but it has to be respected, so go home and leave it there until you go back to work.


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