Wrist-Free Hands-Free Yoga Flow Class – Twist & Balance (60 Minutes)


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Enjoy a flowing yoga class WITHOUT Downward Facing Dog, Plank, & Chaturanga. This is a good yoga practice for those with shoulder injuries, elbow pain, wrist tendinits, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions that prevent you from putting weight on your hands and arms. Today we focus on balancing poses and twists. After the standing sequence, we stay on the floor for seated poses and stretches. We end with 5 minutes of Savasana then we close the practice together. I recommend using blocks for this class but you may also proceed with the practice even without any props.

In this video, I’m using a cork yoga mat and 2 cork yoga blocks from Gaia Guy I will be doing a separate video review on these products soon. 🙂

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  1. Hi. Can I ask what brand that brace is? I'm looking for some because I have weak wrists and want to use them during all of my practice. Thanks in advance.

  2. Please make more variation on your wrist free flows thank you so much you are a life savor maybe more that incorporates camel pose and shoulder stands back bends – thank you namaste

  3. Wonderful! Congrats on your new baby…thank you for the wrist free flows my shoulder is still healing so I love these. One focused on strength would be great next time but I know you are still post partum so in time! I know how that feels….

  4. I love this and all of the classes in this series. Please, please, PLEASE keep posting them, the longer and more challenging the better! Due to a genetic disorder, I developed severe arthritis in both shoulders when I was 32. Vinyasa yoga was a central joy in my life at that time, and in the intervening 7 years it's been difficult both physically and emotionally to let it go and find a way to practice yoga that both challenges me and doesn't do further damage to my joints. Your wrist-free hands-free series is the best thing I've found in that time, and I appreciate it deeply. Thank you!

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  6. Love the challenging transition from half moon Twist to standing balance. Never done that one before. I love how long you hold poses. I always feel rushed in so many other yogi channels but yours is great. I'm going to come back to this one and try it again. Thanks Mariss.

  7. Thank you for these videos. I have a question. I have been doing yoga for 3 years, and recently my shoulders and arms started to hurt. I believe it is from putting weight on them in poses like Downward Facing Dog. Since then, I have been using videos like this one, but when I do yoga without Chaturanga and Down-Dog, I dont get the same feeling of tension relief that I get after doing yoga with those poses. Do you know what the reason for this is? Is there a way to replace these poses? What do these poses do that I might not be getting without them? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  8. LOVED this one, as my wrists after 22 years of yoga, will sometimes give me grief when doing chaturanga. As always thanks for sharing your gift & congratulations on the new baby!

  9. Thank you! Really enjoyed this. Is this video available for download at all? I'm heading to Madagascar for a month and will not have access to internet whilst there but would love to continue my practice 🙂

  10. Hi Maris glad to see you back.what an awesome chaturanga free session.you did stumble your balance and power is awesome.hope you and family are well soon the little one will be all over the mat doing all kinds of poses.god bless your family.

  11. Hello Maris, happy with a class of yours again, later I will do . I,m so glad you are better . You look fantastic and very pretty, regrads from Spain, Andrea.

  12. Hi everyone! I'm happy to share another wrist-free and hands-free yoga flow class. I have wrist tendinitis (aka "baby wrist") so this is the only kind of practice I can do right now. This is the first yoga flow video I filmed after having baby Kieran 11 weeks ago so you will see me fall quite a bit! Haha! I was really wobbly! Hope you enjoy this one. 🙂 – Maris


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