Yin Yoga FULL Class with Travis Eliot Courtesy of Bighead Marketing Online.


Yin Yoga Class With Travis Eliot Courtesy Of Bighead Marketing Online and Bighead Joe Marketing:

Travis Eliot, creator of The Ultimate Yogi, guides you through a series of floor stretches that last 3 to 5 minutes each.

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Yin Yoga is the like “The Fountain of Youth!”

This practice is most effective when done at least 1-3 times a week ! ! !

Filmed at Santa Monica Power Yoga



  1. Porque los guias del yoga no se limitan a hacer lo que les corresponde a "guiar" una clase, y a no pasarse de "Gurus sabelotodos" que lo unico que hacen es confundir y distraer la meditacion en clase…

  2. I like this session. I think people new to Yin like the talking. As a person gets more into Yin the silence will be highly desired. I can not judge because I do not know the background of the group. For example, if they are all coming from extreme sports histories they may need more talking to start the process. This is something only the teacher can assess through understanding the individuals in class. Thank you for a quick session I did not have to pay for. Yoga should be for all people no matter what economic history.~Much love to you and your students

  3. OMG Please shut the f… up!!!!! like thats how much unnecessary talking takes place in this class. just robotic unnecessary blah blah blah. shhhhhh be quiet. embody the quiet of a yin practice. when speaking , it could be done at selective moments with direction. Trust we got this.

  4. Hello, I'm enthusiastic to inform you a way where you can find lot of new yoga techniques. Just simply type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. You will be a genius with the suggestions available.

  5. Please possible if for you to have more videos. The best and many thanks your practice so loved and appreciated. I wish for many more yin yoga from travis ✌ blessings

  6. Would have been great class (still good) but too much talking for me. He talked so much so I wasn't given much time to truly settle into my pose in silence because I was distracted by the constant talking. I still like the class though. 😊


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