Yin Yoga Pose for the Shoulders, 1/4 Dog Pose


Yin Yoga Pose for the Shoulders / 1/4 Dog Pose. In this free online Yoga video we work the upper back and shoulders to release tension. Practicing this Yoga Pose regularly will make your upper body and shoulders feel much better.

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  1. I have two women in my yin class who insist that no yin pose is done on the knees – one taught yin in Germany – they are very disruptive – please help me clear this concept up. Thank you

  2. The pose relieved my upper back pain and opened up my chest after the first session. The instruction is detailed, and the instructor brings a wonderfully unexpected meditative element to the practice. Thank you!

  3. Fantastic, informative video – was amazed how different each side felt and afterwards my arms tingled from the release – just what I needed – excited to learn more yin yoga poses.

  4. Beautiful exercise' but when I tried I don't think I did it the right way!
    is there any wAy i could have a private session Esther so that you could teach me the right way please? Thank you, i am your number 1 fan!

  5. I just noticed this comment. I'm a Yoga teacher, specializing in Yin Yoga, and what I find helps if it's a pinching sensation is to take the arms/elbows wider. More narrow will be more prone to pinching.

  6. Wow…it felt really uncomfortable while I was doing it, but my shoulders felt so much better when I was done. I feel like I can sit straighter now, also. Thanks!!

  7. Hi Esther, I just wanted to thank you for this fantastic video! I'm at school studying viola now, and throughout my studio there is a constant presence of shoulder and neck tension. This video has really helped me with my own shoulder tension, and I can't wait to share it with the rest of my studio!
    Thank you once more, Namaste! 🙂

  8. You can try put soft blocks / folded blankets under the arms+head to make the floor higher, or walk your extended hand in or out depending what releases the pain in the shoulder. Listen to your body and see how you can adjust to make this pose at least bearable.. Discomfort you can work with/ meet. Too much pain, you listen and adjust.

  9. Hi Esther ! i tried to do this pose but there was much pain on both shoulders especially the one with the forearm down.. am i doing something wrong?.. thank you for your fantastic videos ! greetings from Greece

  10. *smiles so wide* Thank you so much! Very helpful! It is refreshing that you create your videos to help people, and you aren't out there to just make money. Thank you again for doing this *smiles*


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