Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl


The origin of the “Soft Bone” Kung Fu is linked with India’s yoga..



  1. This movie was all over the place but seeing Jackie Chan being beat up by Yoga Girl was priceless. LOL. Really enjoyed seeing Yoga Girl in action. I might take some yoga lessons.

  2. Incredible actors with brilliant kung-fu skills who were unfortunate to work under a bleeding lousy director. Looks they managed to pull it all together by improvising, and they did a good job that way, almost managed to conceal the gaping holes. I wonder what was the editor's idea of the long interruptive blackouts!

  3. Actually it might be because the movie only have sound in the left speaking (aka mono) if you play it in stereo your left speaker is broken you will not get any sound, or extremely low sound depending on your soundcard/setup.

  4. I've seen this movie before. It's alright. The comment from two years ago, written by PsionicX1 is just brilliant! Ha, Ha, a real good laugh. Especially the last sentence: "Maybe he was killed for being ahead of his time."

  5. I like how Drunken Master, One-Armed Master, and The Snake just show up and start fighting them. Why didn't the three masters take them on all together? When did the Doctor have time to track down and hire three master fighters? Why are they working for him, exactly. At one point, Drunken master is fighting both the good guys and the bad guys! WTF

  6. Um, how is the little girl in the beginning speaking American Sign Language in 19th Century China? And everybody understands her. How the hell? A lot of things in this movie don't make sense. I guess that's the 80's for you.


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