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  1. I think that is good when you just don't have time, you can make this postures, but the count is to fast, I just can't finish the breath, remember that the pranayama is important too.

  2. Really enjoyed hearing all the traditional names of poses. I had never even attempted full lotus before, fun! Thank you for all you do. And… the camera work was making me giggle.

  3. Watching this video again after a long time, convinced me I should try an abbreviated Primary Series again, which I ditched a long time ago to see "isn't there someting else", so, I might return to Ashtanga for a while.

  4. Not my fav video of hers. Using all of the advanced names and not really explaining movements was difficult for my bf and I to follow. I wouldn't quite say this is beginner friendly but more for someone who already has a good understanding of the poses but wants a more gentle workout.

  5. This video is good however why do you ask for a donation when creating and uploading content to YouTube is free? I haven't come across any other fitness videos on YouTube that ask for money. Why do you? What is it for?

  6. This is one of my favorite videos! I do it over and over. A short Ashtanga practice, but still helps a lot. Just one question, is there any chance you can do the sound/voice over again? I guess you know why. It would be super. I know you have other Ashtanga vids, but I just keep coming back to this one. Maybe because it was the very first one I did from your channel. Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year!

  7. If you're looking for a dynamic yet not too difficult yoga -skip it and move on to the next tutorial. Speaking is a bit too fast , asanas too slow and not so dynamic but at the end again too difficult or even abstract. Last but not least irritating indian names on the top of that. Otherwise good for those who like it relaxed and dont find Indian an annoying language.

  8. Pulled this oldie from the Fightmaster vault! 😛 Trying to do some more Ashtanga yoga as I practiced the second series you just released and I couldn't even finish. Thought I'd try something less intense. This was perfect!

  9. I loved the speed! Most other classes are way too slow for me. This was a little complicated for a beginner but it's a great daily practice to try and do until you master the whole thing!

  10. the sanskrit is confusing and inconsistent, and the pace is too fast when coupled with the lack of clear instruction, I kept having to break poses to see what you're doing. I stopped after 10 minutes and will find another video.

  11. This is a really great class! The ashtanga sequence is great but i don't like that most classes are over 1hr sometimes nearer 2. This class has all the main postures of ashtanga but in a compact and easy 30min class. Another great video. Thanks fightmaster

  12. Hi Leslie. I've been doing Ashtanga yoga on and off for about 8 years. I love how you show clearly how to "fold" into the positions. My teachers haven't been that thorough, and I've come to realise that I've been doing a lot of these poses wrong. May I ask how long you have been practicing, and how long did it take for you to become so comfortable getting into these poses?

  13. Lesley, may I ask what yoga mat you are using? I'm thinking of upgrading from my old one and I am looking for something thinner and non-slippy – yours looks perfect! Thank you for the video ^_^

  14. Thank you so much for this wonderful class. I am slowly reintegrating back into this practice after being absent from it for about 10 years. I am recovering from injuries and your gentleness and reminder to take it slow is really helpful as I am basically starting all over. I have to remember that what I once could do with ease will now take patience and practice. I'll be using this daily, thank you so much. You've made a difference in my life and I'm so very grateful! <3

  15. I've been taking yoga for over a year now but this is way too fast.I tried slowing it down as suggested but it just doesn't work. Kind of stressful. I appreciate it though and kudos to all who can keep up.

  16. I thought it would be interesting to see your oldest class! I know everyone has been complaining and truthfully I did found this a little fast and I had to keep pausing – but I've been doing your latest videso but I got to see that even you have gotten better at yoga over time and also at teaching too! Progress all round 🙂

  17. Hello Leslie. I tried this class again. It felt amazing. I noticed the change in your style of leading a class and I might say that you really did a great job. Thanks for being such a great and devoted teacher! Namaste!

  18. Great express Ashtanga video, especially for someone still getting used to the Ashtanga flow. Glad I've taken an Ashtanga class in person though, so I understand the flow. One note – Lesley, can you rerecord the audio? Namaste

  19. the breaths were way too fast. if i was taking full breaths, i was only getting 2 or 3 to your 5 count. i feel like it was a good series but more focus should be placed on full slow breaths.


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