Yoga Camp Day 3 – I Embrace


Yoga Camp – Day 3! 30 Days Of Yoga Camp continues. Embrace the process with this 35 min full at home yoga practice. Yoga is about embracing your full potential by leaning into the process. What will you lean into today? What will you hug and embrace?

This affirmation thing still weirding you out? Don’t believe in the power of word or thought? Perfectly happy with current mental wellness?

Then, embrace the stretch! You are perfectly where you are supposed to be – so embrace it and enjoy!

Share your experience down below and with #YOGACAMP

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  1. Our grandsons were 4 & 5, the older brother was teasing his younger brother about whom he loved the most and whom he loved the least …..only 4 but his response has stayed with me “it’s ok, I don’t need you to love me the most because I Love Myself”! Blessings from Texas on this glorious Day 3!,

  2. This is the yoga I've been looking for, for my home practice…just a little push and a bit of encouragement. I've been doing home practice yoga for years, but Yoga Camp has be back on track after a hiatus because of an illness. Looking forward to each new day, and each new monthly challenge i can find! Thank you Adriene….namaste!

  3. Accomplished Day 3, and feel so awaken! I feel an obligation to myself but especially my body. I got into an accident years ago when I ran. In college my body became weaker and the dr. found that I have developed Degenerative Disk Disease in my lower back. Had to stop exercising immediately. I asked what I could do and they encouraged yoga (good ol Humboldt County <3). I went into a depression because I have never relaxed my body but strengthen it. Finally after years of accepting and changing my mindset, your videos have encouraged me to give yoga a try. I blessed to have found a teacher/coach/voice that reaches to me so I can care for my body the way it deserves. Thank you Adriene!

  4. Loving yoga camp. This feels like the next step after the Jan 2019 dedicated. It's great to see how much more I can do now than at the beginning of January. Nameste 😀

  5. Dedicate may be over but I'm just getting started! 🙂 I'm loving this! It seems more thorough and concentrated on the different moves we've learned throughout Revolution and Dedicate. I'm living for this! Thank you Adriene!

  6. I started Yoga Camp right on the last day of Dedicate! Was so emotional, and as it was my first 30day yoga journey I wanted more..
    I feel compelled to write because I started doing yoga when I was twenty, now I am 37, I discovered Yoga With Adriene a year ago, and I discovered home daily practice and Yoga has become a big part of my life. You Adriene changed me sooo much, I am so much more aware on the mat and in my life.
    Also I am a dancer and am so flexible and before I used yoga for stretching, never really feeling the Power of Yoga.
    Thank you Adriene, I love you, Namaste <3

  7. I so did not want to yoga today…tired, cranky, and just craving a lazy evening. But Fridays are my usual day off from yoga, and since today was only Thursday, made myself embrace the challenge. Was it my best yoga practice ever? No. But I did it and I do feel better for having done so. Practice #124 complete.

  8. If any one is struggling with this challenge don’t give up! If you’re new I’ve done all of Adrienes 30 day yogas and there’s much softer gentler 30 day challenges – well for the body, some times you need a spiritual before you can take on the physical. Mind, spirt, BODY. You can always swap, and I hope for all who are doing her boot camp with me for extra support, I’ve never done any consecutive 30 days, always had breaks always, I want to not only be able to say I started before the new year but show up every day to prove to my self if I can embrace change. I even brought my spare yoga mat to my bfs so I wouldn’t have an excuse c: thank you active for being a strong and yet kind guide 🌸💕

  9. Thank you so much for this yoga session and your entire practice. You make my mornings and my whole day! It's so nice to get settled on the mat, still feeling a little harried from the day thus far, and for you to say something that makes me laugh a good whole-hearted, genuine laugh.

    I needed this mantra today… this whole past week has been tense at home, with my husband and I disagreeing on how to handle a tough situation. This reminded me to embrace his difference instead of hating it, but also that I can still disagree with him, but not lose respect or give up hope on him.

  10. Just a quick note of thanks—once again you have me laughing, with you, and at myself—and it's true what you say about there being so many things to think about. Then I had the mental image of an acrobat spinning plates and my body simply found the adjustments that were necessary, that it had taken into memory from the previous two months we spent together. And as if by magic, your voice always directing me to a place where I can release, or a place that I might need to engage, be mindful of.
    You are irreverent and silly, caring and wise. And I look forward to each day of these practices you've shared.

  11. I am not sure why "thy crotch and thy ankles" struck me so funny but it was great to start my practice with a good belly laugh. Thanks, Adriene!

  12. Coming up on 100 straight days of Yoga with Adriene and just finished Yoga Camp – Day 3! I've realized there isn't a video I've watch where I didn't at some point say out loud "You are so (bleeping) cute!" I get razzed by my friends for having a crush on my yoga "teacher." Any time you're ready to run away and get married, you let me know. Can't wait to finish Yoga Camp and see what's in store for me on this journey. Thanks for all you do! #soinlove

  13. This was very enjoyable , a little heat but Adriene keep it moving sometime it nice not pushing yourself to hard just enjoying the yoga. Will get the book when it come out Ha ha.

  14. This one really woke me up! Also, I was cracking up the majority of the time. The Ariel and Rose comment had me practically in tears. I'll try to think of a Paul Newman movie…

  15. Adriene I love your videos, your beautiful soft voice and approach is just exactly what I need to dare to do yoga while I still might think I need tot be more flexibel, with your way of inviting that painful thought of mine dissolves. Thank you

  16. i have lost count how many times I have done this series in the last year and a half. It is one of my favorites. Every time I do it I find something new to challenge my self and at the same time see how far I have come by doing #yoga with Adriene every day. Thank you Adriene!

  17. Almost a year ago I skipped this yoga camp, because I thought that I wasn't strong enough, or that it was too hard. I've been doing yoga since (mostly with you Adriene! :D), and now I find the strength and confidence to face this yoga series. Thank you so much!!


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