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Yoga For A Dull Moment – 13 Minute Yoga Flow Practice!

A quick and intentional vinyasa practice to help you flip the script and stir the pot. Find something new, engage in something that serves and set yourself up for greatness. NEVER A DULL MOMENT. Stop scrolling and let’s hit the mat!

If you are feeling stuck, or just ready to move with intention and catch a fresh wave, this quick session is sure to assist you in finding what feels good. LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES DOWN BELOW!

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  1. Who wants a dull life?

    Use the moments of gentle repetition in this week’s free practice to soften the hard edges. Remember, the mat is a mirror. Start with the big gestures then move inward toward the small things to see what you can uncover.

    Trust it.

    I got your back!

  2. never a dull moment, indeed. omg that last move. with the last few months i've spent doing your workouts, i am a bit more willing to be daring with the things I do — and that move was a testament to that.

  3. Wow the wild thing posture caught me off guard, I really didn't to it as well as I'd like to but I will start practicing it more now , thank you for your hard work it is well worth it, love you guys Namaste Everyone 💕💞💗💓💖🙏

  4. I love these short but tough videos! Only had a bit of time for a practice today because… It's not been a dull day! Perfect time to drop in for a quickie and find a few moves that get my lung working!!! 😂 😉

  5. Wow Adriene this quickie practice for Day 10 of ACT was a real little workout, perfect for when time is short. All but the wild thing for this senior yogi, arm strength let me down, that needs some work but hey ho I’ll get there. See you tomorrow on the mat 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  6. Energy levels were low this morning and I had tightness in lower back, so I spent the second half on my back, stretching. Will return to this! Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟

  7. I needed this so much. Just to acknowledge that I am where I should be in this moment. I just started crying while standing in mountain pose because I was so much moved by your words. And I felt a lot more ease in some poses today so I guess that I m starting to get the meaning of finding what feels good for me. It is indeed a practice but it is a lovely practice and I think I might add some before going to bed practice every night too and see how this could affect my daily mood. Thanks a lot.

  8. I was definitively not having a dull moment as it as barely 6:30 am. these sessions are giving me so much. Today in mountain pose, I noticed how my body is like taller from one side….. Will look into it. #ywaACT Day 10, thanks for this short practice. It went perfectly as I kind of overslept. Even though it was short, it really activated me. I am sweating a bit!

  9. Wow what a wonderful practice! It suited me well today. Yoga is so awesome when you do it everyday! It was not too long either, thank you! How y'all doing with the April flows? Have a nice tuesday 🌞🌞❤️


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