Yoga for Back pain and slip disc with Master Ajay


Yoga for
Back Pain, Slip Disc, Lumber Spondylitis
Back Pain are so common that it is there that most people suffer from several acute short attacks and one or two longer lasting ones in their life time. Back pain causes more time off work than most diseases and, like any long-lasting chronic pain, may demoralize and depress the quaffs greatly.
Yoga Therapy

1. Pains in the lower back mainly centre part. 2. Trip muscle associated with leg one or both. 3. Radiating pain in one of the leg hike heal. 4. Pain in both or one calf muscle.
5. Toe or heal pain.
6. Neuropathy in both or one foot.
7. Burning or lack of control on urination.
8. Limping white walking.
9. Difficulties in long hours standing walking & climbing. 10. Lack of balancing.
1. Loose(sagi) bed
2. Sleeping wrong and addictive pose
3. Aging
4. Sitting long hours & working at one place.
5. Lack of exercises & muscles power.
6. Malignant Disease, T.B., Scoliosis, Lordosis kyphosis, and
7. Continuous forward bending exercises
8. Heavy weight lifting.
9. Sleeping on one side most of the night time.
10. Osteoporosis, Fibrositis, Osteomalacia, Sciatica, and others.




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