Yoga For Bedtime – 20 Minute Practice


Yoga For Bedtime – YUMMY sleepy time yoga. This gentle practice is a great remedy to anyone feeling stress, anxiety or tension in the mind or body. Use this relaxation practice to decompress, prepare for a good nights rest or simply use this yoga sequence any time of day to remedy imbalance. Put on something comfy. Bookmark this video. Yoga to the rescue! Enjoy.

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  1. Really love this practice. I've done this one just before bed, but this evening I did it after a low impact workout as I just wanted something gentle to get myself relaxed and stretched out. Thanks. Namaste xo

  2. When you said “this is self-love” I started crying in the middle of the session. It hit me hard because I gained a lot of weight quickly from birth control and have major body dysphoria. Self-love is something I forgot to do. Turns out my efforts to lose the weight is indeed self-love. Thank you for reminding me of that. Namaste! 💕

  3. I have no idea why but when you said "you might imagine a little trap door coming out the back of the head" I just cried suddenly. Thank you for letting me release something, I feel much more ready for a good nights sleep now 🗝

  4. Another wonderful video Adriene. I overheard one of my colleagues suggesting your videos to another colleague today and I wholeheartedly recommended you to. I've followed a different one of your videos every night for the past 6 days and my anxiety and depression have really improved. I never really understood yoga until I found your channel and now I'm so glad I did. Thank you so much

  5. I try to do this every night, with a Bedtime tea by Yogi tea, and when i do, my body feels weightless and my mind at ease. I wake up the next morning refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Thank you sooooo much Adriene for sharing the power of yoga. Namaste. Much love from Dallas, TX ❤🌌

  6. Rolling the head is dangerous and should not be done. "Rolling the head can lead to grinding of the cervical discs because vertebrae of your neck aren't designed for continuous movement along a circular path." Navy Physical Training Div.

  7. This is the first time I’ve ever done yoga and the way you draw kindness and attention to the people you’re talking to is so warming, I started crying towards the end. Not like sad crying but tears of relief. I feel so much better, thank you so much.

  8. I wish this were more relaxing for me but sitting postures are just not comfortable for my sit bones or my back 🙁 constantly feel hunched and when chest is open just stiff with neck pain. There’s a lot of chin to chest but I think I’m my day as a student looking at texts and my phone my head is constantly down and I want to loosen that!!! I like the vibe though

  9. HMmm Every time after i do a plow pose i feel my lower back contracting painfully. Am I supposed to have lower back arched after i am done with plow pose or should i lay them flat on the ground? anyway is painful for me though.


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