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Yoga For Psoas is a 20 minute yoga practice that targets the Psoas muscle inviting a combination of release, strengthening and stabilizing. Anchor in the sound of the breath and enjoy. Repeat this practice regularly to avoid back pain, tightness in hips and over all tension in the body. Preventative care is the best care!

Let me know how it goes down below!

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  1. gaining awareness of the different muscles that together make up the hips has been the most rewarding part of yoga for me. they can be the source of pain, but also amazing relief, like after this fantastic practice! thank you, adriene 🙂

  2. I played ultimate frisbee for the first time in 4 years yesterday and woke up aching! I managed to make it through my work day but once I got home I knew I needed something to work out the kinks. This was a wonderful practice to do not only to help my tight hips but also it's raining and the sound is so soothing. Definitely will come back to this one! Thank you ❤

  3. Thank you for that practice, Adrienne! Another fantastic video. I just did this after a 6 mile run, feeling upset today about an event in my life, and my muscles and my emotions feel so much better now. I feel refreshed.

  4. Thank you so much Adriene. When I have a problem I always resort back to one of your videos for guidance and a very relaxed environment. You always help me get in touch with my body. Thanks again.

  5. I returned to this awesome practice for Day 19 of RESET because as a senior yogi I need to keep up my body strength instead of meditating. This gives me everything I need for a healthy body feel, thanks Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  6. Love, love love my time on my mat with Adriene and Benji! I am slowly gaining more balance and flexibility on and off the mat! Thank you❣️My butterfly would be yellow and turquoise.

  7. DAY 35 – i found myself thinking differently today, more positive, more hopeful, taking time to find what makes me happy, thank you. Your practice and positivity have given me a different outlook, life changer, namaste.

  8. I decided to take on this challenge today, I felt tension and release in muscles I haven't used in ages and finally felt that I was connecting to my breath in the way I ought to. thank you adriene <3

  9. Perfect yoga sequence for me. My work requires me to be on my feet all day and often there is heavy lifting involved. I will repeat a few more times so I learn it well enough to be able to slow it down and linger in the stretches. Thanks Adriene!

  10. this has so many of my favourite poses and feels amazing after a work-day in front of the computer … definitely adding this to list of videos I keep coming back to !

  11. I really have psoas issues…tight hips and butt pain. This session is what I need but too advanced at the moment, both hip-wise and wrist-wise. Can you recommend another I should start with? Love your videos!

  12. Modified my CARE calendar a bit to fit my own personal goals and schedule but I did this today and it is one of my new favorites! Left me feeling amazing all over. Thanks Adriene!


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