Yoga For Stress Relief


Join Adriene on the mat for a Yoga for stress relief sequence! This yoga practice is great for a tired body and a busy mind. Try this sequence to calm the nervous system and do a little energetic hygiene as you relive anxiety and stress from the body. Connect to your breath and take some time for YOU. Let go of that which is no longer serving you! Open your mind, your heart and stretch & soothe your body. Enjoy!

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  1. I have recently found your videos after searching for something to ease my neck and shoulder pain. I have scoliosis in my spine and a steel rod, also chronic anxiety so hold everything in my neck! I'm doing this routine every day and it really helps so thank you.

  2. Thank you Adriene for this special practice, though life's turbulence is relentless, your vids have helped my practice, my heart mind and soul. Cheers to new years lady love!!

  3. Hey Adriene Thanks so much for this. I started practicing about a month or two ago after years of wishing to start. Your videos and your demeanor mean a whole lot to me. I am finally getting a yoga practice. Thank you so much for what you do

  4. I want to tell you that after finding myself, I have been very picky about the energy and vibes and people I surround myself with. Fortunately you are super rad, personable, lovable and cute! I love your practices, and me and my bf wanted to say thank you. 😍

  5. How… the hell was that 37 minutes? it felt like five, tops.

    I think I'm going to try to follow this video every night after I get home from work. Thank you, very much.

  6. Today was hard for me. I let negative thoughts and frustration cloud my practice and my mind keeping me from focusing and balancing. I tried to shake it out but i let it get the best of me😞.


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