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Yoga For The Feet – you know you need it. Or if you don’t know, trust me – you will benefit from this healing practice. Whether you are tending to issues with the feet or you are working for preventative care – take half an hour to tend to it.

Your feet need proper TLC! A lot of issues with the feet can be healed with mindful body work. Here are some very simple tools to practice at home. A perfect opportunity to clean and clear the slate and rebuild from the ground up. So many gems in this one! Breathe easy and enjoy!

PS: You are not alone 😉

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  1. thanks for this Adriene, first time I've ever tried Yoga and some of it damn near killed me! ;-), have a problem with my right foot and thought some yoga might help me. I will try and do these movements and hopefully it will help , much love from the UK

  2. My feet have been bothering me in the last year and I noticed tiny bunions beginning to form. After doing this practice they seem to be smaller, especially with stretching the tops of the feet. ~namaste

  3. Thank you so much for this lesson. I was homeless for 3 months due to the Paradise Camp Fire and developed this condition on my feet called Plantar fibromas and these bumps on both soles are very painful at times and have not gone away. I pray that your stretching will be just the thing to help me.

  4. Adrienne. I hope you get an opportunity to read this post. I recently suffer from extreme foot pain and spasms associated with wearing the wrong shoes and being on my feet actively at work all day. Taking pills didn't help me nor immediately did I see any relief by using the otc homeopathic creams for inflammation. I've practiced this video almost every day for a week and I can feel recovery happening now. I wanted to let you know that it works!! So thankful! Best !!

  5. Your amazing thank you for being you and the amazing energy your put out to the world 🌍 I thank you so much and I’m so blessed to be able to run into your video because it was random and I appreciate you so much keep being you and namaste 🙏🏽💙💋🧘‍♀️

  6. i keep returning and returning to this video i really love how i feel relieved while doing this practice and especially after finishing it i feel extremely good.
    a must do at least one time per month.
    Thank you Adriene

  7. Adriene, your yoga videos are wonderful. I always feel better afterwards! I wanted to request a video for all around the hips & glutes, especially the quadratus lumborum, tensor fascia latae, piriformis, sacroiliac joint, psoas, etc. Thank you for brightening my day and helping my feet!

  8. I've been doing YWA for a good year and struggled with so many 'easy' poses. But that last pose with the feet pointing backwards has always been my natural position when sitting on the floor- from childhood and into adulthood- so today I feel like a yogi master! 🧘🏼‍♀️

  9. I was so scared to lay back with my legs folded but then I was like as adriene said if I can't do it it's alright , suprisingly I did it but I was still scared to stay in that pose , my back is very sensitive so I get back up lil bit slow and after a lil while u got back in a magnificant way aaaaaa I wish I waited lil bit , just wanna say ur videos ur yoga challenge for 2019 in januray defiantly helped my back to heal I am perfect now I can bend with no pain which is a miracle thank u alot sweetie

  10. Great practice, I wanted to do the hero posture so bad it look so relaxing but I could only get one like in the posture I tried the other but it hurt too much and so I didn't get to enjoy it but I just need some practice in it , if you have any tips on how to make a gradual process in to the posture , please share thank you so much for this practice it made my day, I am literally excited to keep practicing that posture, love you , Namaste Everyone 💕💞🙏

  11. This is a special practice thanks. I love my feet! I'm 50 and my feet look awesome, maybe because I don't like high heels, I walk barefoot a lot! So try and get rid off all the uncomfortable shoes 🙂

  12. I had this beautiful moment at the end of the video where I looked at my feet and just giggled because I thought they were cool ^^ 😀 I have flat feet and some pain because of all that come with it and I am pleasantly surprised at how relaxing I feel thanks to this, Namaste my friend <3

  13. While doing this today I realised that what I really want is a video for those of us with FLAT FEET! I have no arches at all in my feet, and as a consequence of this have very weak ankles. I struggle with things like tree pose because balancing on one leg puts so much stress on that ankle… Thanks!

  14. Did a lot of walking around Indianapolis this weekend and this practice felt amazing! I am going to share it with my husband who is in the process of training for a Ragnar 200 mile relay in May. I bet his feet could use this as well.


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