Yoga for the Morning – 30-Minute Yoga Practice – Mellow Intermediate, Beginner Friendly


“Your greatest awakening comes when you are aware of your infinite nature.” ― Amit Ray

Wake up all the parts in this 30-minute yoga session in which we respectfully move into all of the body’s major angles: the shoulders, the hips, spine, and hamstrings. We move in most of the ways the body can move: lengthening, twisting, strengthening and balancing. May this be a peaceful, space-making beginning to your day.



S T A Y i n T O U C H


More classes, tutorials and hearty samples on the way. Stay in touch. I especially love to know what you’d like to see more of.

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“Starting my morning with this! Thank you for always graciously sharing your practice with us!!! I am in ♡ with your style & the challenges you allow me to try!!!!”

“I’ve started taking your classes and enjoying every moment of the practice in the early morning before heading out for work. Thank you very much. Namaste.”

“I find your classes unique and inspiring, They leave me feeling the best version of me.”

“I have been loving your classes. Thank you for making them.”

“You have added sooo much to my practice that i had to thank you! your pace, instruction, sequencing and the space you allow is magical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and work.”

Thanks for taking the time today to give yourself a little peace. It’s contagious, and it’s needed!





  1. You're such an amazing teacher! Your flows are incredible! Thank you so much for all you do. I have a question, where did you receive your yoga teacher training? I have been striving to find the right place to become a yoga teacher for over a year now. Thank you so much in advance!:)

  2. I love your videos, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate that you don't talk a lot. You respect the times for breathing and easily explain the postures giving the relevance to the breathing in each of them… which is an important part of the yoga.
    I like your voice but is really helpful that you don't talk a lot <3
    Also in this video as in others you always give a good flow…
    Many thanks for sharing.

  3. Loved your calm voice. Will come back when I'm better. As a true beginner , there wasn't a lot of instruction as how to modify the poses. Especially as a morning practice , i personally found it a little difficult. But it was truly what I aspire to become. Thanks.

  4. This practice is my fave morning yoga vid! Please could you do more? Thank you for giving free yoga. I'm a student and I wouldn't be able to afford yoga of it wasn't for teachers like you and it really has changed my life! From the UK x

  5. Leigha your practices are so well pieced together that they simply feel amazing! Please make more! Definitely my favourite yoga expert out there, thank you!!

  6. I tried to follow videos of so many yogis on YouTube but there was always something irritating me, you are the only one which perfectly fits with what my body asks for, it's incredible!

  7. I love your channel so much! Your tone of voice is soothing but energizing and I love how you cue. You sound so real and it relally resonates! All your sequences Are very creative and flowy And keep me coming back everyday! Also love when you stay for the savasanas 🙂 perfect level for me as well, just the perfect amount of challenging . Thank you thank you thank you for sharing so much knowledge and light, and please continue to do so! Much love <3

  8. I was wondering if you have a night time yoga flow in mind. Im struggling with insomnia due to Graves disease. It would really mean a lot if you had something in the future. thank you for your channel

  9. Ooooh aaahahaha, this was such a good practice, I felt the stagnant areas of my body reawaken. Yesss! Thanks, and it's great to see you making more videos. peace. happy holidays to you and your family

  10. Hello Leigha! Thank you so much for sharing your practice with us. I adore how your flows get right into it, and they happen to be at just the right level to challenge me but not too much. Your Wild Thing to Wheel video was the first I watched and I was hooked & subscribed right away!

    Would you consider doing one or a few videos for hands-free yoga for those of us with sensitive wrists? =)

  11. im so happy that youre uploading more videos! i see we all crave something from you hehe sorry! my request would be to have more of your delicious advanced classes. thank you for creating and giving yourself to us 🙂 i hope to meet you in tulum next year 🙂

  12. Really loved this! Please do more 30-minute intermediate classes that are still kinda beginner-friendly! Also, sorry if I'm annoying cause I commented this already in last week's video, but can you increase the volume of the mic/audio? I really like your voice.. It's soothing and relaxing to listen to, but I have a hard time following along as I can't hear you properly despite my settings being in the highest volume already, and I never have a problem with other people's videos (Adriene, Allie, Brett, Kassandra, etc.) when I do their yoga routines. Thank you for reading!


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