Yoga for Weight Loss – Abs & Arms


In this Yoga For Weight Loss sequence we focus on the muscles of ABS and ARMS.

Build strength from the inside out as we tone the lower belly and abdominal wall. Find tone and shape in the muscles of the arm as we work on balance and stability! Bring the principles of yoga into the mixture for a strengthening practice that you can manage at home on your own. Meet your edge but remember to listen to your body and have fun! You only live once!

Repeat this yoga for weight loss sequence for a more fiery practice or pair this with another video! Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and leave questions and comments below!


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  1. Did this one again after starting over on dedicate day 1. I was able to do the entire video this time. Will do it again either tomorrow or next day. This one is great!!! Makes me sore and I feel stronger each time I do it.

  2. Wow! This video was hard for me but I am going incorporate into my dedicate yoga every other day for strengthing my arms and abs. I am 52 and just started the dedicate 30 days for first time on day 29 today and added this gem of a video to help with my arms and abs. Whew! I could only do 18 min. Thank you Adriene!!!

  3. I swapped Day 9 of RESET for this one ! I had to modify some of this to suit my body and did my version. Maybe at 73 this is a bit of a challenge but I breathed through and it was good ! 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  4. I did two of your videos a day for a good 3 or 4 days in a row (on shorter video and a longer video) last week, i took a three day break (i was helping my family move into a new house, otherwise i would've started the week again earlier). Yesterday I looked at myself in the mirror and i noticed that my lower stomach looked slightly toned ( I am 5'1" and am around 125lbs so I am chubby and my belly button kinds droops). I have been struggling with finding exercises that will actually help me reduce my stomach fat and help me tighten up what was left over from what I lost during a depression period early last year ( i had lost 25 pounds), and I am very glad that i found your videos. I hope to stick with them and see where they take me as I have been very insecure and unhappy with my body for many years. I turn 20 in May, and i would like to get as fit as i can before then as a gift to myself, and also a start of a promise that my 20s will be the best years of my life as i will take better care of myself physically and mentally. thank you adriene

  5. Strtd tdy ….ma arms nd belly painng lyk hell…so mch dffclty n doin dose sde plnks nd pushups …bt wont gve up…nd fm tdy vl strt doin t everydy…Thnku Adriene…😄


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