Yoga For Wrist Pain


Yoga For Wrist Pain. Adriene guides us through a yoga lesson for the wrists so that you can avoid pain as well as prepare for deepening your practice. From the foundation we explore alignment and action -then actually apply to poses in your practice. Tend to it, stay curious! Take a little time to workshop what is going on in the wrists, to find support, ease and what feels good!

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  1. If you are having carpal tunnel or too much pain in the arms and hands and you aren't being able to do this video just do RICE, rest ice compression and elevation then when your better you can try again 🙏

  2. I am just starting my yoga journey and struggle with wrist issues (piano for years, sign language through college, dog grooming after). Is it unusual to have one hurt more or have a harder time taking the pressure off of it? My dominant hand/wrist is driving my nuts and cramps up when I try to stretch it all out, can't seem to push down between my thumb and index either.

  3. Hello! Do you have any yoga for tilted hips and sacrum pain? My Dr. advised me to do core yoga and it has helped but a lot of on the floor movements hurt. My hips are tilted 7mm (confirmed by an x-ray) and I'd like to get were I can sit on the floor again. I had a traumatic birth two years ago in May, I had a 10ib baby naturally.

  4. Hi Adrienne,
    I am looking for videos that are gentle for the ankles, especially after injuries. I saw you had a lot of without hand yoga but way less option if you have ankle or feet pain.
    But thank a lot for you video they are awesome !

  5. I came here with the expectation that I'd get wrist pain. Instead, my wrists are completely fine. Did anyone else experience not getting wrist pain from this video? It is Yoga For Wrist Pain, right?

  6. Morning! I often follow your online tutorials and this morning, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Whatever I need, I can find it on your channel. From specific exercises like here focusing on wrists (ouch!) to more general sequence like the morning sunrise sequence – a search brings up something useful, calming, restorative. It’s always a joy, life-giving, relaxing and useful experience. Content and style really just excellent.
    So, once again, huge thanks and please keep going!

  7. In all my months (since last spring, I think) doing your yoga videos, I did this one because of CARE, which I'm only mostly following along with. This session was a fantastic learning and practicing experience.

    Over the many years I've been doing yoga, I've had many instructors in & out of studio. I appreciate that each teacher uses different analogies and explanations for posts. Last fall, something you said in one of your videos CHANGED my downward dog, and it relates to this video: You used the "pickle jar" analogy for rotating the arms. It was an "ah ha" moment.

    A couple of years ago, another yoga teacher on YouTube got my forward bends closer to the floor with a tiny piece of instruction I'd never heard before.

    Although your channel is the one I practice to most often, I sometimes deviate because every instructor offers something different and helps me deepen my practice in a different way. You're all amazing. (Except the instructors who aren't – and surprisingly, I've only had bad instructors in-class rather than on YouTube where anyone can upload a yoga video.)

  8. What an interesting practice. I felt the most work being done in the palm section below my thumb. I wonder if I have a weakness in the section. I am intrigued to see what happens next when I do these poses during the other practices. Much Gratitude!

  9. Wow I didn't even realise how much I strayed from my foundation until I started this video , thanks Adriene I needed to circle back to my wrist and strengthen them , hope everyone had a lovely practice and Namaste Everyone 💕💞🙏

  10. February CARE! I love this practice! I fractured my right wrist a decade ago and it's never been quite the same since. I never really had any idea that I could do anything to help it until now, so thank you!


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