Yoga in the Park – Yoga with Shauna Simone


Practicing outside helps develop inner strength and stability.
We often prefer to meditate and practice our postures inside a quiet and controlled environment. If it’s too hot, we can put on the air. If it’s too loud, we can close a door. If our minds are too crazy, we put on some music. None of this is possible outdoors. By practicing outside we learn to “welcome” the breeze and whatever else is going on, sending our thoughts (at least mine) inwards, bringing a deeper focus. I find it easier to gain strength and stability when it’s quiet and no one is bothering me. It’s quite a feat to gain strength when the outer elements are also part of the practice. When we can “welcome” those outer elements, we become stronger and more stable in all aspects of our life. There is less requiring things to be a certain way and more acceptance for things as they are at this moment.





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