Yoga on an Airplane – Travel Yoga


Travel Yoga! One minute airplane YOGA. Early flights, late flights, long flights and heavy bags can create a lot of stress and tension through the spine, neck and shoulders. It can also deplete your energy and your chi leaving you feeling like a stiff snake on a plane. Memorize this easy sequence for the next time you are traveling. Remember this diddy for the next time you are trying to sneak in a Find What Feels Good moment on the plane. Or, let it inspire you to create your own. (OR, pull it out on the airplane and make friends with your neighbors!) This little stretch chant changes my day while traveling. Don’t underestimate it. Especially using the high back of your seat to do the heart lift and back stretch. So good and you won’t bother anyone seated next to you. Don’t forget! A little goes a long way! Enjoy!

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  1. I'm about to take a 13.5 hour flight to South Korea, and appreciate the tips for relaxation and better blood flow on the plane. I think I can make some of the ideas from Yoga at Your Desk work for me, too. I'll be taking you with me, via tablet. I don't think I could go 2 weeks without yoga, now 🙂

  2. I love this one, but could you also add a pre-flight yoga exercise? I searched YouTube and did a video from someone else… felt like I was cheating on my favorite Yogi. Namaste 🙏

  3. Hi there Adrienne thank you for the yoga on a plane video 🙂 Would be great to see a video for "pre travel" I fly/travel ALOT and sometimes for long hours. Legs get heavy, brain gets tired, mood gets.. well.. you get my drift hehehe

  4. Hi this video and the yoga for couch potatoes video need to be in the under ten minutes yoga practice playlist or in the yoga quickies playlist. They are both in the 10-15 min yoga practices playlist and they are both less than 10 minutes. Love all your videos so much!!! ❤😊🙏

  5. Hi Adriene. I have an international flight I am dreading in September. Because of sciatic pain and leg nerve damage, sitting in one position for more than 10 minutes is a huge challenge for me, depending on the seat. From what I've read, airplane seats are not very ergonomic – quite like auto seats. They always seem to encourage poor posture.

    SO … do you have any exercises to alleviate or prevent butt and leg pain, that can be done WHILE sitting? I also sure hope I don't get any charlie horses (hamstring cramps), as the positions I must assume to counter the cramp isn't very pretty!! TIA. 😉

  6. Hello Adriene I am new to yoga and truly love you light and free spirit.  You have encouraged me to do what feels good.  I have a request.  Can you do a video for yoga at your work desk.  I am in my office for 12 hours some days and really could use some help.  My office is kind of small but I know you can give us some great ideas!! Thank you again

  7. HI Adrienne! I started watching your videos about a month ago and am completely hooked! Your quirkiness puts me at ease and makes me feel like I can achieve any yoga move over time. 🙂 This plane video was great – would you ever consider making a "Yoga for the Subway/Metro" video? It can be a stressful place! Thanks for being you!


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