Yoga Poses For Diabetes – The Various Asanas For Diabetes | Aruna Yoga Classes in Telugu


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  3. NEVER AND EVER GOES DIABETES WITH YOGA….. 100%. diabetes is because of "CARBOHYDERATES" we take….. dont give carbohydrates to your body just disapears …. many deaseas are due to dietary problem…. change the life style… yoga is good for health but it doesnt cure diabetes…

  4. Namaastey madam naku nadumu strength ledu straight ga kurcholekupotunna alantapudu frent ki bend ayye hands knees pi petti kurchontunna. Na stumach muscles chala week ga vunnae. Please naku elanti aasanalu veyalo leka doctor vaddaku vellalo suggest cheyandi. Suresh vizag

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